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Friday, July 10, 2015

On living with a chronic illness

I can now see this part of my life differently....  a lot differently and I wish to share with you my experience...

In 1997, I had a facial paralysis...  which, according to my doctor, was due to a virus in my inner ear.  Years later we concluded it was my MS onset.  I was 24, soon to turn 25.  I celebrated my birthday with an eye patch because my eye would still not close properly.
Little did I know at that time my life would never be the same.

In 2003, almost exactly 6 years later day for day, I was diagnose with MS following an optical neuritis (loosing vision in one eye in a split second - it lasted for weeks).  Vision came back.  Diagnosis remained.
On that day, I knew my life would never be the same.  I expected the worse.  MS would dictate my life from now on.

In 2007, still in October (like in 1997 and 2003), 10 years after my initial onset, I decided  not to let MS dictate my life.  I became vegetarian and stopped drinking milk.  I took up yoga, meditation , some form of minimalism and stopped all medication I was on.

Today in 2015, almost 18 years after my initial onset, I am perfectly healthy... my life has been turned upside down several times... 
I am now completely minimalist, hard core vegan and a devoted yogi...
I live in Moncton, 1000km aways from where I spent all my life...
I work part time as a barista despite my bachelor degree in biochemistry...
I have published a book that you can find on Amazon...
I am a self taught nutritionist (being a biochemist did help with that)...
I coach people on how to eat/live better...

Up to this week, where the revelation came upon me, I tough MS did not dictate my life anymore...  I tough I was "free" of that...  but you know what?  despite my vibrant health and the fact that I am doing much better then even the best prognosis doctors gave me when I was diagnose in 2003...  despite the fact that I still do not need medication, walking aid or anything of that sort... MS is still and will always be part of me.. part of who I am...  it made me become the person I am today... 

For this, having MS is the best thing that ever happened to me.  It opened my eyes to the fact that my life was miles aways from my dream life....  it made me reconnect with who I was, who I am and who I will always be... It made me found my mission in life... my purpose... my essence.

I needed a "huge kick in the ass" to see things clearly...  but I finally understood.

And I am acting on it... every single day...  I am talking/writing/living a vegan minimalist lifestyle which I am convince is The best way to save our health, our kids and our planet.

thanks you MS...  I will not forget what you did for me.

what about you????  what was your "kick in the ass"???  what made you found your way in life?


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  1. Hi Nathalie. It's always so moving to read someone's story. Thanks for sharing it.
    I got a serious chronic heart disease a few years ago. It changed my personality more than anything. Gave me perspective and made clear of priorities in life.
    take care!