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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Never was much of a winter person... For some reason I was born in a northern country with no like of the cold temperature...  and snow, although really nice to look at, does have it's share of problems!

My dosha does not react well to cold weather... and neither do my legs... 

As a kid, all I remember of winter is being cold... and playing outside in the snow...  by that I mean, digging a whole in the snow for me to hide in it... or if weather was nicer, I would lie on my back and look at the blue sky... or the snow falling on my face...  but that was it!  I never skied or snowshoed or anything like that.  I skated, inside as I was a figure skater. I slided a few times but way to dangerous I find...

As an adult, I tried outdoor skating - my feet froze... I tried cross-country skiing and it was easier for me to back up then move forward...  Try skiing - goes WAY to fast... Gave a try to snowshoeing but only got so far as to buy the snowshoe and never used them... always too many excuses...  Tried again the sliding but hurt myself...

A few weeks ago, living in Moncton, I figure I have to try and learn to love winter... because it looks like my husband and I plans for the future do not involve spending the winter down south... (more on our future plans in another post)

I asked for suggestion to people who like winter...  and I got the same answer:  ski, skate, snowshoe, sliding...  and then I came to my senses... why?  just why am I trying to like winter the way others do?  I never (or hardly never) do anything like anyone else...  why, then, try and love winter the way other people do?  Why can't I come with my own way to love it?

Because I need to love it... one way or another... I know people, who lived all their life in the northern country, never spend their winter elsewhere and are just miserable for 5 months! I do not want to be like that...  if I am going to live here, no way I can be miserable for 5 months!

I want to live here and now... and be happy about it!

Then I started digging... what do all other 3 seasons mean to me?  What do I do then that I love? Anything I could bring into my winter?

Well, I realised that I like to wander around, walking or biking...  of course in the winter, I can still do that... maybe not as long but still doable - by walking - I am not biking in winter.... as I get close to freezing point, a bike looses all it's attractiveness to me... I have a nice lake I can go around and it makes for a 40 minutes walk or so... this is perfect! I only need to dress really well to not feel the cold... I have clothes for that.

I like to sit on a terrace... OK THAT is not possible in the winter but maybe close to a sunny window would do?

I like to read and do yoga and meditation...  I can still do this!  Just need to bring it inside with me!  Instead of reading by the lake or in a park, I can read in my living room! Same for yoga and meditation.... although meditation sitting on a bench facing the sun in winter can be quite nice if the wind is not straight in your face!

I like to cook and bake... this is actually easier in winter...  and I can try new recipes!
I also like to knit and sew but I find that in the summer I never have time for that...  maybe I am wandering too much...

As a result of this thinking days I had with myself, I found MY way to love winter:
Lots of cooking and baking!
Lots of knitting and sewing!
Reading, doing yoga and meditation!
And regular walks, especially on sunny days!

I will be more of an indoor person during winter and THAT is OK!!!  I do not need to do all the others do during winter.... and it doesn't mean that I am missing on something!  I tried it and didn't like it....  do you really have to like everything that there is to do???

And you know what?  This works out fine for me...  I get to do what I love most of the year... and more in winter when the weather forces me to stay inside... and enjoy the view rather then the cold!

And as of now, I can say that I love MY winter wonderland!!!!

p.s. this does not mean that I will never complain again about it being too cold... or having to take 20 minutes to dress before going out... BUT, I will complain less as I have something else to look for then the cold and the excessive clothes!

love&peace, as always...


  1. I'm glad to see you're blogging again and I'm also glad to hear you'll be blogging about different things. I like that! :)

    I'm not a winter person, either, and have struggled with the same issues you have. I have also come to the same conclusion. I don't need to find an activity I like about winter. I just take walks when the weather allows. The rest of the time is spent doing things in preparation for the other 3 seasons, like planning our gardens. It's kind of nice to have this time of hibernation. Although I wish it was shorter, I accept it much better now than I used to.

    1. Hope this will help me mange it better!!! We'll see in a few weeks....