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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

End of year - new beginnings!


if you've been reading me for a while, you know that this time of the year initiate very mixed emotions in me... and makes me very sensitive!!! What you might not know is that usually, unlike most people do this time of year, I do not take time to go over the past year and make plan for the upcoming one...  Now I have never been unemployed this time of the year so it's very different because I do not have all the pressure everyone else has to do the shopping/cooking/cleaning and anything else relating to this time of the year... I had time...  this means I also had time to go over 2013 and look into objectives for 2014...

In 2013:

Published "Life Happens" on Jan 22nd
Made my first signing event at Chapters in Ottawa on Aug 31st
Started offering conferences on nutrition and minimalism
Worked on putting in place an amazing training program for Brother Canada
Took 5 weeks non-paid leave of absence to find myself

I think I had a pretty amazing year....  now I want to continue on that roll so I have to come up with clear objectives for 2014...  Now there are details I cannot mention here because they are still under development but I will go with the big lines... and you know what they say???  when you put something in writing you become more accountable for it AND the Universe takes it more seriously...  so better chances of it happening if you put in the effort!!!  Now don't get me wrong...  I use to think that you just mention something and it will happen by magic (I totally misunderstood the "secret" like many do)...  I was sooo wrong...  the Universe will work at giving you what you need and deserve yes...  but it needs to know you are truly serious about it... and how does it know that? by you showing up!  doing the work! being consistent!!!

In 2014 on top of any activities I already started in 2013:

Will publish 2 ebooks at a minimum
Running - would love to be able to run for 60 minutes non-stop - 3 times a week
Not buy anything non-essential for a whole year!
Save 1378$ by using the weekly money challenge

Now you may remember that I started this blog in January 2011 to blog about my challenge to not buy anything non-essential for a whole year...  you might also remember that I totally gave up in July and went on a massive shopping spree...  well for those reason I have slightly change the rules...
I also recently updated all my wardrobe after loosing 20lbs... so everything is new and I love it!!!
New rule is that I am allowing myself a tiny 20$ per month that CAN be spent on  non-essential things if I feel the urge to...  and it is cumulative so if I do not use it for 3 months, I am then allowed 60$...  I know that the less I buy, the less I feel the need to... but who knows??? And some may say that if I do use this money, I will not have "not buy anything" for a whole year...  but to me I will!!!  Considering where I come from...  I am shopping much much less than before but there is still room for improvement... and improvement does not mean punishment... so this 20$ allows for a small luxury... not a crazy one...  but it's a safety net to avoid going on a 500$ shopping spree in July! And you know what? if at the end of the year, I did not use up that money, it will go toward increasing my 1378$ saved by 240$!!!

So this is it... time to do my yoga practice and reflect on that post...

What about you?  Have you come up with your objectives for the new year yet?  Anything I am committing too resonate with you?  We could support each other... Just tell me...

I am sincerely wishing you, no matter your beliefs, a Merry Holiday season... lots of love...  and health... anything else is really not essential and others will wish it to you!  ;-)



  1. Hi Nathalie! I also do not want to spend money on non-essentials in 2014... I'll give myself a monthly allowance, maybe 20 euros per month... The most difficult part for me is not buying clothes... but if I really need them, I'm allowed to buy! Happy Hollidays!

    1. Cool Rita! my weakness is also clothes.... as you probably did understand by reading me... we'll support each other!!! Happy Holidays to you too! xox

  2. Cool! We'll help each other thru this blog! ;-) Good luck to you!