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Friday, October 25, 2013

A bucket list

This is what my bucket list looks like...  I know pretty much empty...
I have come across this expression quite a few times over the last few weeks...  and I understand the idea..  a list of things you want to do before you die... 

I have mention to a friend that learning to play the keyboard was on my bucket list...  to talk like other's do...  and then she asked me if I have my bucket list written down somewhere...  but I really don't...  and she showed me hers and it was VERY interesting... and got me thinking...  (Hey I can hear you thinking - you're going "here we go again...")

I was wondering if a bucket list would go well with minimalism...  after all it's like a wish list...  is it really necessary??? Then I realize that it could be something else then buying stuff...  it could be learning something... or doing something....  experiencing something... but then again... is it really necessary?  When you live in the present moment, there really is no place for wishes....  or not so much...

I tried to come up with something... for sure there are stuff I would love to have a chance to do before I die... but I don't think I'd regret it if I don't... let me explain that....  I try to live my life in such a way that I have minimal expectations....  I try to enjoy life as it goes by...  I enjoy everything (jobs,stuff, people, experiences) as they come and go...  knowing that everything that comes my way I need at that time... and when it goes I no longer need it...  and I accept that...  I also try to do things as they come to my head...  If I have an idea, I put it in place almost right away or as soon as possible... 

I still tried to come up with a "list"... and it looked something like that:

Learn keyboard
Visit Portugal
Visit France
Visit Africa (not sure which country yet....)
Go to California for a while
Live in Vancouver for a few years
Tour North America in a caravan for 6 months or more
Write another book
Earn a living with conferences and coaching - helping others
Move to a tiny loft - max 500 sq ft
Shave my head
Die my hair purple or blue
Stop dying my hair and asume the grey

These are all the things I can come up with...  and they are not in any specific order... and beside the 3 that are in green it really doesn't truly matter if I do or don't do it... and if you've been following me long enough, you already know that those items are what I am trying to do now.... they are in my current life...  and hence why they are so important!

All the rest may or may not happen... and as a matter of fact, they may even not be on my list 2 weeks, a few months or years from now.... and that's OK too.... and for all that matter, even the iems in green may not be there sometimes from now... because it may no longer suit me!

and then I want to swipe all that list... because if there is stuff I really want to achieve/see before I die is my son being a happy peaceful grown up man...  and world peace...
When that happens, I'm OK to die!!!

Everything else doesn't really matter as long as I am happy and healthy!

What about you?  do you have a bucket list?  Is it written down or not? Do you share it with others or is it secret?

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!! And forward this post to people who may be interested!

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