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Friday, February 8, 2013

If you like something keep doing it!

If you like something keep doing it!  You will eventually get results! This is a sentence we hear often... and it seems "cliché"... and I did not always believe it!!! 

However, I applied it... only for the reason that doing what I like makes me happy...  so at first, I must admit, it was kind of a selfish act... doing it because I like it!!! Somewhere I wish it would eventually help someone or many... but it was just a wish.... and I was not sure it would!

And I kept doing it!!!!

What is "it" you might ask...

Well sharing my knowledge on well being, nutrition, yoga, meditation and minimalism... because all those things affected my life deeply and I am convinced that it can affect positively many others... 

So all those things became part of me...  I am totally "synchronized" to those subject... and it is all I read about (or almost), talk about and write about!!! 

I wrote an article for a yoga web site... because I wanted to give hope to people with multiple sclerosis...
I talked about vegetarianism to who ever ask me about it because I truly believe this is the way to be healthy and avoid major fatal and chronic diseases...
I am writing on this blog and hoping to make people think...
I wrote a book on how I turned my life around  in the hope of helping people who feel stuck in their current situation...
I give stress management course, change management courses and other soft skills training as a 9 to 5 job because I believe anyone can benefit from those tools... and everyone should be given the tools!

I do my yoga and meditation mostly everyday.... I am vegetarian (even 90% vegan), I live a minimalist simple life...  I feel great and I think people can feel it!  So I preach by the example!!!

And I am starting to see results.... I get emails, testimonies and requests for help.... and then I get to do even more of what I love!!!

I was even asked to be a guest blogger... and I agreed!!!  This gives me a chance to get in touch with even more people about what I love!!!

Basically I get to help people like I always wanted to... maybe it is taking a different format then I would have imagined years ago but as a dear friend on mine told me that the destiny is the same no matter the road travel... 

In other words, do what you love and you'll get to do more of it!!! And you'll get to do what you were born to do!!!

I am not saying that you just quit your day job and start something new completely... this might not be possible... but start in your spare times...  as a hobby... and you'll see where it brings you!!!

What is it that you would LOVE to do???

Do you need help getting started?

love and peace,


  1. I also love to help other people and I've been doing that through my blog and helping people to declutter their lives and mind and to live more simple lifestyles. On the other hand, in my day job (I'm a marine scientist), I'm contributing to unreaveling the secrets of nature and to find ways to protect our oceans.
    Since I discovered meditation and yoga (and I recently became vegetarian), I feel so much happier and calmer! Even in a country like Portugal, struggling with a huge financial crisis (I read that you don't watch the news, but the financial crisis is a big issue in Europe these days...), I feel so happy with what I have and the life I lead with my husband and kids - and through my blog, I've been able to make other people happier with their lives too! It's a fantastic feeling!

    Speaking of yoga, I would love to read more about what kind of yoga you practice and your yoga and meditation routine!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. The fact that you are a marine scientist amazes me!!! Keep protecting our ocean... and even thus I dod not watch the news... listening to people speak I knew Europe his going thru a major crisis... I am sincerely sorry... but you know how they say that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better!! It will get better for you guys eventually!
    I will have a post shortly about my yoga practice... working on it!
    Congratulations on becoming vegetarian!!!