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Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy week

Hello friends!

I have a busy week... not insane busy because I do not let that happen anymore.. I pace myself and my activities and social as well as family life...

It is my best friends birthday so I have to say this:  Happy birthday Marie!  May you have the best birthday ever!!! And the most amazing year to come!  You truly deserve it!!!  xox

I also have a lunch planned with people I use to work with to discuss my book "Life Happens" and other stuff... we haven't seen each other in months!!!  I am really looking forward to this!!!

I have to prepare a few vegetarian meals for my son next week... he's going to a country house for spring break with is uncle, aunt and cousin.... they are not vegetarian... so I offered to cook a few meals for them.. other than grill cheese, pasta and eggs!  Also, it will give them a real vacation... not having to cook.... and figure out how to cook vegetarian for a week!

I am preparing my wardrobe for spring... As you may know, I have joined the Project 333 last November... Technically, it is 33 items for 3 months.... I have altered the rules ever so slightly... and followed them with the same clothes for now 4 months instead of 3.... only because with the weather we have here in Montreal, this worked out just fine to keep the same wardrobe for February!  However, with March arriving, I need to change some clothing items...  I will definitely put my velvet skirt to rest...  It has given me good use over the last few months... and I do not really enjoy wearing velvet before November and after February...  no reasons why really...  just me!  I also need bring forward a few items....  March can be surprisingly hot and/or cold here...  last year for example we had 3-4 days with temperature above 20 Celsius... and also some snow falls...  so I have to get ready for many eventualities...  which I usually do with layering!  Mornings are cold... lunch breaks when I go for my walk warmer... and late at night gets cold again!  So taking off and putting back on layer over the course of the day does wonder!  I am not sure of the number if items I will have... it may exceed 33 slightly... only because of seasons overlap...  but Project 333 has taught my to dress well with less and I will no longer be so strict with the number of items per say!  I go the idea behind it and I realize that over the course of the time, the number of items may fluctuate but the idea will be the same!  Extreme weather like winter and summer I have much less clothes....  however, for spring and autumn I may have a little more as the weather fluctuates a lot!!!  And that's OK!!!  It is my life and my rules...  right?  The idea behind experimenting with Project 333 was to live and dress well with less...  and it helped me!!!

Lastly, I have to get ready for my vegan challenge starting March 1st - Friday!!! Even thus I tried it last year and it worked, I gave it up for a reason... and I still did not resolve that issue... and this is why I will try again!  I need to figure out what my addiction to cheese and sugary food is!!!  Why do I always feel the "need" to eat "cheesy" flavored stuff and candies or cookies??? Even if they do not make me feel good afterwards? I am a little freaked out as the deadline approaches and often find myself  listing items I will no longer be able to eat!   This is the wrong approach!  I need to list the benefits of doing this challenge which for me are:

1) figuring out my sugar addiction
2) finding new vegan snacks to have - hence taste new food!
3) feel better about myself
4) complete my wellness cycle - I know these (cheesy and sugary foods) are holding me back!

 I have a few people who contacted me in regards to this... and I understand that being vegan completely for 3 months may be challenging for some people... I would not have tried that over a year ago...  But you can join me in trying to be vegetarian.... or vegan one day a week...  anything that challenges you and your nutrition!!!  The idea is to feel better about  yourself and makes you reflect on your eating habits!!!  One small step at a time!  What ever suits you! 

So what will you give yourself as a nutrition challenge between March 1st and May 31st?
Put it down or contact me directly...

You have 3 more days to figure it out!

love and peace,

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