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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Going from 2012 to 2013

Hello all!!!

I know I haven't wrote in a long time...  I was taking a real Holiday...  it felt good!  I got to enjoy time with my son and my husband!!!  It was great.

Obviously, there was the obvious Christmas and New Year's day...  but besides that we had plans... which where turned upside down by the snowstorm we had here in Montreal....  nonetheless... we had a blast!    Plans are there to be turned upside down aren't they? 

Not being as busy as we expected (not that we had packed our schedule...  we had 3 planned activities in 7 days!) has given me time to reflect on 2012...  boy a lot did happen on that year!

1) I have finally resolved my habit of over consumerism
2) I have downsized even more - I should be done by now...  but somehow I am not quite sure... everytime I think I got enough stuff out of my house I get surprised a few weeks later with wanting to get rid of even more...
3) We moved closer to downtown
4) I have lost my job and found another one
5) Husband started a new job
6) We gave up our car
7) My son started high school
8) I wrote a book
9) I was completely vegan for 3 months - and then back to vegetarian

and, I cannot forget that I had to put my dear Zoe to sleep... 
and I lost a lovely aunt unexpectedly...
but these cannot be numbered.. the were THE 2 events that touched my the most...

Now one cannot reflect on the past year without thinking of the upcoming one...  I do like like to make resolution as they are more likely vanished by the end of the month if that...  but I like to make plans...  I am a big planner... 

So for this year my plans are (and there are not set date for all of them - these are just things I would like to work on for this year):

1) Get my book published
2) Find a decent place to live - my current apartment doesn't suit me anymore
3) Take my first car less vacation
4) Spend a week with my husband at Spa Eastman
5) Increase my yoga practice to at least 1h per day 5 days a week
6) Decrease time spent in front of TV from 2h per day to 1h per day
7) Go debt free finally - I only have a small amount of one credit card left
8) Increase juicing
9) Increase my vegan diet from 75% to 90%

hey guess what? without even thinking about it, there was 9 items last year... and I am planning 9 for this year...  we'll see what happen!!!

And you, my readers, what are you planning for this year?  You can put it down as a comment...  I would be curious to see...  and sometimes when we tell people we are working on something, it makes it even easier to commit to it... or makes us more accountable for it!!!

We could work on this together as a team...

Happy New Year 2013!!!!


  1. Well definetly get the house more organised ;)
    Get more energy, tired of felling tired, therefore need to find the right exercise plan for me.

    to follow...


  2. Good luck with that! Let me know if you need help!!!