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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flap of a butterfly wings

Can the flap of a butterfly wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?  This is a metaphysical question that has been looked at since the early 70s...  You can google "Butterfly effect" or "Effet papillon" if you wish to find out more... Now, why would I talk about this today?  Because lots of people are reading this blog... I get many comments which I appreciate, honestly!   Now, some people have been asking me why I was doing this?  Why am I vegetarian?  Why am I not drinking?  Why go organic?  Why not buy stuff? Why am I considering veganism?  Why do I not take everythinglife has to offer me?

To me the answers seems obvious as the process which brought me to this happened gradually...  It took me more than 3 years to get to this point...  However, I do realize that you guys are not inside my head... and most of you have not even know me for 3 years!

So maybe it is time that I try and explain myself...

I have always try to be environmentally friendly... with ups and downs I must admit...  I have had my share of
overconsumerims and saying "why bother"?  I cannot have such a big impact by myself... Now, when I was a teenager in the 80s I remember insisting that we start recycling at home...  I did not have a car before my son was born 10 years ago... And to be quite honest, the status of this planet has been worrying me for several years... at one point (in my early 20s) I even considered not bringing kids in this world because of that! Even thus I am really happy  changed my mind since it allowed my to have my wonderful son!!!

I was introduced to yoga in 2006 (why is a different story - I will tell you at another time)... Yoga is a physical discipline, a way to manage stress and a way of life...  Yoga has brought me to become vegetarian more than 3 years ago... and then slowly made me change other things in my life. Why?  Because It made me see that everything I do or think or do not do or do not think as an impact on someone or something somewhere...  We are all connected in some ways...

Hence the butterfly effect...   If I flap my wings, I can create a tornado somewhere or prevent one...  So I need to think about every gesture I make...  If I decide to eat or not eat something, buy or not buy...  I am well aware now of the impacts of eating meat, the impacts of overconsumerism, the impact of using non organic food or clothing... And I cannot pretend I am not aware!  That would not be honest! E
Even thus I am not quite there yet for the clothing...  I will however try...
I wanna live in a sustainable way...  for this planet... so that even after I am gone, there will be water and trees and food for my son and future generations... I may not have a big impact, or maybe I do.. but that is not the pooint... I will probably never know for sure anyway...

But I am doing this for myself strangly... so that when I die, when I look at my life, I will have not regrets or will not have to ask myself "what if?"

Now I know this is in french but for those of you who do undertand some french please read it carefully...

« À cause du clou, le fer fut perdu.
À cause du fer, le cheval fut perdu.
À cause du cheval, le cavalier fut perdu.
À cause du cavalier, le message fut perdu.
À cause du message, la bataille fut perdue.
À cause de la bataille, la guerre fut perdue.
À cause de la guerre, la liberté fut perdue.
Tout cela pour un simple clou. »
Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)

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  1. I really like the concept of the butterfly and the tornado effect. I agree with you. It's the ripple effect that can create change the world.