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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Stress reliving during the Holidays

This is a slightly modify version of a 2 year old post....  it still hold true to me... Hope you'll like it!

As magic as they want us to believe this season is...  it is much more than magic!!!  It can actually be quite stressful!  I have rarely heard anyone talk about how magical their holidays were... but rather how busy, demanding, stressful it was...  but it doesn't have to be like that!  It actually CAN be magical!!! Whether you've been a minimalist for a short or long period... or are not even a minimalist, there are steps you can take to make this few upcoming weeks more enjoyable...

1) Clean up you calendar.  More often than not, we are booked day in day out... from morning to late evening...  Clean up some stuff... I am sure not 100% of those planned activities/events REALLY do appeal to you... Be honest with yourself...  what is not appealing is OUT!!!  It is that simple!

2) Make quality time for yourself. Even more in that busy period filled with expectations and "need to look good/interesting/fabulous/etc..." feelings, you need time alone...  quiet time alone... doing something YOU enjoy!  Take a bath... go to a spa...  read you favorite book...  watch your favorite movie... go for a walk in the snow (or not if where you're reading me from doesn't have snow!)... and if what you love is getting your hair/nails done or shopping, please try and figure out something else! You need ME time... not me time in between crazy busy people!

3) Make quality time with your spouse/kids. There is no homework, no lunches... take this time to do what your kids love to do... crafts... take some fresh air... try something new...  just have fun...  be creative

4) Go to bed early and wake up early. It is amazing the benefit you get from getting out of bed before anyone else in your home...  you can take this time to write, meditate, just stare at the sunrise...prepare a nice breakfast for your loved ones... or read the newspaper quietly...  It is like free me time!

5) Eat/Drink reasonably.  I am all for enjoying this period... indulging a little...  but a little is the key word..  if not the next day you'll feel crappie and be upset at yourself... what good does that do?

6) Keep you yoga/meditation/exercise routine as much as possible... this is what will allow you to "recenter" yourself, evacuate any toxins or stress on a regular basis to avoid build ups!

7) Spend only what you have.  This is a time of the year where it is soooo easy to overspend!  Try and avoid it!  You will then not loose countless nights of sleep trying to figure out how to pay the bills.

Basically, this is it... it is not that complicated to get out of this Holiday season without needing months of therapy...  or months to pay off you debts...  I started using those tricks a few years ago and as time passes by, I am actually looking forward this season as it is filled with time for myself, time spent with my son and husband...  relaxing in this crazy winter we have here in Moncton...  time doing stuff we love... rather then stuff we feel oblige too....  At first I was wondering "but what will people say?"... and you know what?  who cares... it is not "people" who have to deal with your stress in January... YOU have to do it... and even better...  those who truly care and love you will understand... and might actually feel compelled to do the same...  You have all year long to meet people you love... why cram everything in one week???

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...

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