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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

about yoga...

I've been wanting to do a post about yoga for a while.... but did not know how to address it...

I wanted it to be clear and simple and wanted to address pre-conceived ideas people have about yoga...

I was thinking something about what yoga is and what yoga is not...  and then it was not clear and simple anymore...  Therefore I decided to go with what yoga is...  it was much simpler... and anything else you've heard or read about yoga is just pre-conceived ideas...

Yoga is a healthy lifestyle.  Period.
It entails breathing and stretching exercise...
It entails asanas (physical posture to strenghten your body)...
It entails rules on how to conduct yourself towards your own body/mind/spirit and towards that of ALL other living being - human or not.
It entails rules on how you should feed your body.
It will change you body/mind/spirit for better - in due time.  It is a long process.

Yoga as, unfortunately, became really complicated with it's arrival in America... it can be overwhelming.

All you need to remember is that you need comfortable clothing (not necessarily expensive - your pyjama can do)...  a room big enough to put your yoga mat (basically a floor space 6'x3')...There are really just about a dozen positions that you need to have a complete practice...  You especially DO NOT need a heated room... Meditation is NOT easy but is MANDATORY... and no matter how long or short your practice is, you HAVE to do Savasana at the end for about 5 minutes.

Now for a few rules to remember during your daily practice:

Yoga is NOT practice on Saturdays but can be done all the other days.
Yoga practice can be as long or short as you need it to be or have time for it to be.
Consistency is the best thing - better to practice 10 min per day then 2h one day a week.
Yoga is not practice on the most abundant day of your period.  You need to rest on that/those days.
Yoga routine can change from day to day according to your mood and how your body feels.
Inversion should NOT be done during your period.
You do not need to do an asana that makes you really uncomfortable - respect your body.
You do not need to be thin, young, flexible - it will come in due time.  OK maybe not the young thing but the rest will...  ;-)

And this is about it... 
Yoga is simple...
Demanding but simple...
It requires time, discipline, practice...
But what doesn't?

It is really rewarding once you involve yourself truly into it.  It will change your life forever! Maybe not how your expected.... maybe not how you wanted it to be...  But it will make you your best self...  it will show you your way... It will teach you more about yourself and others then anything ever did.

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...


  1. Hello Nathalie,
    Can you tell us what are those dozen positions that we need to have a complete practice of.

    Thanks in advence !!!

  2. Hello! I really love your blog! Could you please explain more about those dozen positions that we need to have a complete practice? And you also got me curious why we shouldn't practice on Saturdays.
    Thank you,