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Thursday, July 21, 2016

My list of books....

In one of my latest post, I was mentioning that I owned 37 books.... and one of you guys asked me what they were.... so here they are!  The 37 books that I keep because I go back to them again and again...  Being an avid reader, would I have kept every book I ever read, my living room would be full of books but that would not make sense right? Just since the beginning of January, you could add 30 books to that list!

Le petit livre des chakras
A new Earth - Awakening to your life's purpose
The path of the yoga sutras
Savvy chic  - the art of more for less
The paradox of choice - why less is more
Into the wild
Vivre en paix
Apres la pluie le beau temps
Au nom de tous les miens
Je vivais seul dans les bois
Le petit prince
Sur le bord de la riviere Piedra je me suis assise et j'ai pleure
Plaidoyer pour le bonheur
A toi qui n'es pas encore ne
Ou tu vas, tu es
Sacre montagne de fou
The new good life
How not to die
The China study
No steak
Healthy at 100
The food revolution
The pocket book of stones
National Parks of Canada
Guide des oiseaux de l'est de l'Amerique du nord
Vegan's daily companion
How to go further
Guide total survie foret
Total yoga
Yoga for real life
Hatha yoga illustrated

Hopefully, this is what you were looking for... If you have any more questions, please let me know... always a pleasure to answer...

Now you may ask "Will there ever be more book to that list?"  Maybe... but I only buy books now according to some specific criteria... and keep them for even more specific ones! So this list may grow eventually but not that much...

Oh and yes, I do have a copy of my own book Life Happens Living a healthy life despite a chronic illness that you can get here!

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...

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