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Friday, August 15, 2014

#108 days: week 8 check!

Hey guys!

how are you???  I am doing GREAT!!!

Let's start with the bad news...
1) First plant I bought die....  watered it too much!

2) I still have issues with money - in the sense that I am always scare to not have enough.  This is a major stress factor for me that dates WAY WAY back... and I have my ups and down...  made big progress on the subject but I have my bad days...  Technically our budget works out fine! But I am always worrying never the less... Will work on that until the end of my 108 days.

3) Fell off my bike yesterday and hurt myself...  not too bad... but just enough to be sore...  for a few days I guess!

Good news:

1) My son is back!!!!  I am soooooo happy about that...  and really proud of the young man he is becoming! I know, I say that often...

2) I have figured out a short 15-20 minutes yoga practice that I can do on busy days and helps with my legs, stress and heath in general. I can easily include it in my morning routine if I know that is all I will get to do.

3) I love my job!  It is really nice to make people smile by providing them with their caffeine fix!

4) I have figured out that doing work I love is worth the decrease in salary, stress and happiness wise.

5) I started pickling:  did some beets and cauliflower! It is so simple and saves money in the long run. Also it insures that veggies are always available in my home.  OK, some might say that they are not the best veggies nutrition wise but they are still better than none for some days...

6) Second plant is still alive and doing well.  I will NOT water this one too much!!!

7) My diet is well under control.  Did a little process stuff ( cookies and chips)...  but not too much and actually much much less then I use too so I am on a good roll for that.  I am sticking with the fruits only after 7pm and that does wonder on my sleep.

8) I am trying to be more social. I get to see a lot of people now and people here like to have a chat.  Coming from Montreal, I am not use to that... but I am starting to enjoy it...  it feels good to actually acknowledge people around you - those passing by, sitting by you at a restaurant, working at the grocery store....  etc... they are people... with lives and stuff just like you!  And sometimes they need to share...

9) Tried to veganize a new cake recipe and it turned out amazing!  Maybe I'll share the recipe sometimes next week...

10) Actually decrease my commute budget and increased my level of physical activities by riding my bike everywhere (or mostly) rain or shine...  In Moncton, nothing is never really far... I only need to get some rain pants... for those crazy heavy rain pours we get. Good investment.

11) We celebrated our wedding anniversary the savvy way.  Before we would have bought each other something- that would have eventually, in the near future, end up in the donation bin...  and then spend more money on restaurant...  and maybe a movie... after all it's a big one:  10 years!  And when we got married we had actually said we'd go down south to renew our vows for our 10 wedding anniversary!  Talk about expensive!  Instead, it cost us 23$ to have an orange rose to dress our table, a meal we like, kombucha, desert (homemade spice cakes) and some chips - my husband favorite! And meal, cake and chips have left over for another night!

This was this week...  I really enjoyed myself... Still discovering a few things about me... which was the whole idea about this #108 days project.

For example, when someone says something, I REALLY do think about it... and depending who said it, I can really hurt me...  but I know it shouldn't...  and that my life is my life... and I shouldn't live it according to anyone's expectations...  be it my parents, my teachers, my friends, my family, a random person...  If I end up with a crapy life because I did not live to my expectations but to theirs, it's entirely my fault... they only really wanted to help by guiding me towards the life THEY wish they had... doesn't have to be mine.

Therefore, this  "ambition" thing from last Friday's post really did hurt me... and worked on me a lot... and almost make me feel like wanting to quit a job a like to be more ambitious...  but then I realise that I do have some ambitions... not like what might be expected of me but ambitions that do make me happy... I have to stick to that.  This is what this week has been mostly about.  Being at peace with the "new" me and my own "ambition"...  and I think I got this resolve...  We'll see in a few weeks if this seems to be an issue still. If it is, for sure you'll hear about it.

This is it for now....
Time for me to go make supper...

Please do not hesitate to send me your comments!  I always appreciate it!

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!


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