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Friday, January 17, 2014

Minimalist - cheap week end home

As we are Friday night, most of us are making plans for the week end...  Usually, I know I used to anyway, we try to fit in as much as we can during those 2 days!!! Like if they were all we had!!! After all we're just back from the Holidays...  we had many occasion to spend, eat, celebrate...  why not enjoy some peace of quiet? save money? find peace? enjoy your home?

We all have a roof over our head...  it's a house, an apartment, a condo or a loft... whatever you call it...  it's a roof with walls and windows... but do we all have a home? a place where you are comfortable... a place where you can be yourself...  simply...  well we should all have that...  I know I just recently found it...  and it's the most amazing thing.... and you know what?  it's most likely where you already live...  you just ignore it because you are so busy doing so many thing, you don't have time to enjoy it!

Therefore this week end, you will spend time home...  Doing simple things...

1) reading a book
2)watching your favorite movie
5)listen to loud music
6)play some music
8)do some crafts
9)cook something you usually do not have time to cook
10)play with your kids or your spouse
11)take a long bath
13)go for a walk in your neighbourhood
14)just do nothing...  yes nothing....  stare at the window...

Turn off the computer, the news... do not read the newspaper...  do not answer the phone...  UNPLUG!!!  Pretend like you were gone far far away.... and no one could reach you...

You know what? When you get back to your life on Sunday night... or Monday... or whenever you decide to...  nothing will have change...  everyone will still be there... but you'll feel better... more relaxed...  and ready for another week...  

Just try it... give it a chance... and if it really is not for you this time around, you can always end it anytime and go back to your usual week end... but don't say it's not for you if you didn't even try it...


See, who needs an expensive vacation?  All you do on a vacation you can do at home... unless the only thing you like is to sun tan by the beach and you live up north... 

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