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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Questions answered....

Hello my friends!

today I thought I would answer 2 questions I get asked often... even if I write a lot about it...  it seems to be creating some confusion still.... perhaps I am not simple enough in my way of explaining it... you know the simplest things in one mind might be the more difficult to explain...
Here are the 2 questions:
What is minimalism?
Why do you do it?

What it is?

A way of life...  therefore it's a process... a commitment... and it is never over!
It allows you to:
- create space in your life to welcome new things, people, opportunities...
- create a life (your life) in order to then create a living
- find yourself again
- have more time
- go debt free
- it allows you to choose quality over quantity

That's it, it is no more complicated than that... I am not saying that the process is simple...  because it is not... but the general idea behind it is simple... and believe me it is so worthwhile of the exercise!!!

And do not be confused by popular misconception... minimalism is NOT about living poorly...  not about wearing old rags, living with cockroaches and eating anything that is on special at the grocery store...

Minimalism is about choice!  YOU choose what is important to you... and you start off from there... You set your priorities and you slowly eliminate anything that is not part of that!  It won't happen over night and what is a priority today may no longer be 6 months down the line while you go thru the process... this is why it never really ends...  but after a few months, you'll get to a point where you breathe easily and where you are happier, less stressed and have a sense of direction with you life... and this is when the magic happens!!!!

Why I do it?

I started when I started practicing yoga years ago as it is essentially a more yogic way of life...  I started it to help manage my stress and address my financial situation in order to deal with my health!
It gave me less stress, better finances, better health in only a few months... so I kept going...
And I am still doing it because it is bringing me to a point in my life that is very satisfying... to a point where I sometimes wonder why I didn't do this to myself earlier!!! 

I am free....  I have this immense feeling of being free... of not having those preconceived ideas about how my life should be... when you let go of material expectations, you can let go of all other sorts of expectations... and this is when you can experience being stress free... relax... truly happy.... and in the present moment...  there is nothing more satisfying than that!!!!

if you have question about the process or where to start, I would be glad to answer them... do not hesitate...

Now if you live in the Montreal area, I hold workshop on minimalism every now and then in French or English... if you are interested just let me know and I will tell you when the next one is! In the workshop, I go into more details about the method to live in a minimalistic way... where to start... what to do... hints...


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