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Thursday, December 19, 2013

2 dresses - 10 ways = Minimalist dressing


I have been posting lately about minimalist dressing... and Project 333... I get all sorts of comments...  and one is more frequent than the others:  "but I love clothes and I could never be dressed the same day after day"

Did I say you had to dress the same everyday??  Of course not!  I don't!!!!  And I LOVE clothes...

What I didn't like is for me to own clothes that did not fit me well...  or no longer suited my lifestyle...  I didn't like feeling guilty because I had not worn an item in x amount of time... I didn't like having orphans items (i.e. that they did not go with anything I already own)... and I most certainly did not like having to buy anything because "I absolutely need it" when there was no real need.... except that it was in a display and looked good!  Do you really have to own everything you like?

Dressing with less has taught me about styling...  but styling according to my rules...  I have learned to dress a way I love and feel comfortable... I have learned to dress to reflect my personality and not some fashion dictate! I have learned the art of mix and match.... and I became more creative with my clothes... 

In today's post, I want to introduce you to the mix and match concept... it allows you to dress in many different ways with few items...  I will show you pictures of me in 2 different dresses worn in 5 different ways each... and I could have done more but 5 was enough (and I hate being in pictures! lol)...  In each case, you can add a pair of jeans... one neutral matching top and create many more outfits....

In the case of the pattern dress, I used 5 items and 2 pair of boots... now I could have worn the jean blouse or the cardi on top of the other outfits and created more...  adding skinny jeans, a neutral top and leg warmers could be so cool and add much more flexibility... therefore, with a suitcase of 10 items, you could easily cover 2 weeks!!!!
p.s. I left out jewelry on purpose so you can concentrate on the clothing...



In the case of the black dress, I used 7 items and 3 pairs of shoe wear.... There again, I could have worn the cardi or jean jacket on any other combination therefore creating more options...  I would also see the scarf with the dress and jean jacket...  once again, adding a pair of skinny jean and perhaps a grey t-shirt, I could create way more outfits!  Therefore, once again, with a suitcase of 12 items I could go a long way!  Also jewelry, properly use could tone up or down any of those outfits!


Now do you see how dressing with less could be fun?  Can you imagine all the possibilities of a capsule wardrobe?  If properly selected, you clothes can go a long way.... and not look like you're always dressed the same!!!  And quite frankly, do you really think people care or even really look at how you dress that much??? Unless you work in the fashion industry..  :-)

This really is fun... it doesn't require you to get rid of anything!  You can put everything in a box and take it out anytime!  There is no police officer watching that box!!! 

All you can get is a better knowledge of yourself... and more creativity!

Hope this has convince you a little more to give it  try!!!