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Friday, November 22, 2013

what if you had only one chance?

Now you might be thinking, well that's it!  she lost it!!!
I always tell you that you can always start over... that change is good... that you can move, change job, take up a new hobby, stop an old one...  that there's always another chance awaiting for you to make things right...

Then why would I write a post about "what if you had only one chance?"

All I have been telling you is right... there is always time to "fix" of "change" stuff...  as long as you health is there.... The "one chance" I am referring too refers to your health...  you have only one of that!!!  One body!!!  And it's easy to mess up with it!!!

In today's world, we've come to accept that as we get older, starting around mid 40s to early 50s... we start having health issues... it starts off with blood pressure, cholesterol... early signs of diabetes.... some cancers... and then it moves on to hearth diseases, diabetes, cancers, osteoporosis, dementia...  these are the most common ones... most of us believe and accept that we'll eventually end up with one or more of those conditions... take medication...  and towards the end of our lives move into a "retirement" home...  and die there... most of the time alone... because we are no longer useful to anyone...  or enjoyable... 

But what if today you had a chance to turn that around???  Not for everyone... but for yourself???  What if you didn't have to accept that eventuality... What if you could make things better for you?  What if you had that chance???  Would you take it???  What if it was the last chance you had before some irreversible damages were made to your body?

Well guess what?  there is another way... it doesn't have to be THAT way...  you can turn things around for yourself....  for years, we've been studying people from 4 different places in the world that are well know to live to a 100 years old or more and healthy!!!   That is the norm in those places...  and you don't even have to move there to do it!

I am talking about  Abkhasia (near Russia), Vicabamba (south America), Hunza (near Pakistan) and the well known Okinawa (Japan)...  We've been looking at what do those people do that we don't? Why, even thus they are often poor and have no access to medical facilities and medication they can live so long and so healthy?  In those places, people grow to be a 100 years old or more without wearing glasses or hearing aids, without using walkers...  there is no diabetes, heart diseases, cancers... blood pressure is well under control and cholesterol issue non-existent... hip fracture doesn't happen...  and people die in their sleep one day without suffering... but until then they are active... and in full possession of all they physical and mental capacity!!!

What do they do so differently? (I am not going to go into details because I am not done with my documentation but I couldn't wait any longer to share some infos)

1) they live simply
2) they enjoy life, walk, dance and sing often
3) they have a mostly vegan diet with some incidence of milk, yogurt or eggs
4) they don't have cheese
5) they eat fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes and whole cereals
6) no processed microwavable food
7) food is made from scratch for each meal at home
8) they never retire (in the sense that they do not stay home in front of TV for the last years of their lives), they keep busy
9) they help each others
10) they value aging

Now, here's your chance!  how many of these can you put in place now??  right away?  how many can you put in place in a few months?
Hopefully you will aim to do all of that!!!  ASAP!!!  this is your chance... it is never to late to start but the sooner the better of course!!!

What can I help you with? 


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