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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mind clutter and announcement

It's funny how I just recently realized that when I express a desire to understand something or get help with something is suddenly just shows up...  And it happened again today....  I was wondering how to get rid of mental clutter....  And I read it here ...  This post just came into my inbox...  AMAZING!

Yes I have been meditating for years...  yes I can turn off the small voices.... or chattering or thousands of thoughts we're faced with daily...  but I can do it when I meditate...  I can do it when I get into a good discussion about something I am passionate about...  namely yoga, nutrition, stress management, minimalism and human nature...  but aside from that the mental clutter is STILL there...  and the "voice" inside my head does not always tell me what I wish to hear... it has been well conditioned... Yes I was told several times that I can be good at mostly anything... and this is an excellent start in life!  But I was also told what is doable or not (so this sound like "yes you are good enough to a a normal thing" - I was never really told I am good enough to think out of the box - or think like if there was no box!)! 

I got some pattern entered in my head... like we all do.... from my parents, my surrounding, my teachers, my friends....  etc...  and those patterns are most times based on their experiences... and needs... and fears... not necessarily mine!  But nonetheless, because it comes from people I loved and trusted, I assumed they were right!  And I am NOT saying they were right or wrong... they were probably right for themselves...  not necessarily for me!  I like to think out of the box... I like to do things differently... but I am very good at reminding myself that "this is not standard", "this is not how it is suppose to be done", "what if it doesn't work out", "why would it work out", "who are you to think you can do this"...  this is what is in my head sometimes.... and I want to get rid of this.... and until I read this blog post I had not clue how to do it...  Yes I tried meditation.... yes I tried positive thinking...  and I am overall quite a positive lady I would say... but I do have my moments of doubt... and I want to get rid of those moments because they slow me down... they unconsciously put a break to my moving forward.... because each moment you hesitate, you're not moving forward! 

I also firmly believe that like Buddha said: "What you think you become"...  so if I have a dream, and I keep thinking about that dream, it will happen!!!  But if every now and then I "change" my dream because of fear... it might not happen.... because my "logical" brain may win and convince me that this is not for me... that I am not good enough for that dream...  but who can say that???  It's my dream!!!  I am allowed to have my dream... we're all allowed to have our dreams!!! Why would I let a small negative emotion chase it away??? (Be warned that even thus positive thoughts are way more powerful than negative ones, they actually happen much less in frequency... and this is why negative ones that convince us one idea is not going to work out often, too often, wins!)

It the post I read, it all came in perspective... it was basically saying that mental clutter in not any different than physical clutter...  There is only one item that can fit into one specific space.... when I became minimalist, I got rid of all the physical clutter.... it is now time that I attack the mental clutter!!!  There is not more room in my brains for negative thoughts that there was room in my home for ugly stuff...  There is no more room in my brain for useless thoughts than there was was useless stuff in my home!  Time that I start attacking my mental clutter....  I will, one by one, replace all the negative, useless thoughts with nice ones...  I do not know how long it will take.... some can be quite persistent... but I will do it!!!  Hey it took me 6 years to get a home I am comfortable in with no clutter...  it is worthwhile working on my mental clutter!!!! I can move anytime I want.. my "mental" is hopefully not going anywhere anytime soon!

My plan is to: every time I have one of those negative thoughts, chase is it out of my head, actually visualise it leave my head... and replace it with something nice...  and take up the empty spot the negative thought left... something more along the line of:

I let the miracle happen because I deserve it!
I earn a living doing a job I love
I am good enough
I am smart enough
I am resourceful 

these are my phrases... I may even find more... they can be customize for each one of you... according to your dream... and I know I may have to chase and replace quite often.... but I know I can recondition myself to be who I want to be!!!  And I will do it!!!

Now, as for the announcement, I would like to let you guys know that in order to manage my time better, I will be writing on this blog on Tuesdays and Fridays from now on...  Twice weekly unless there is something spectacular that cannot wait to be written!!!  I have to work on a scheduling of my time.... and this is what I need to do now...   I will always look forward to write for you guys biweekly....  and will still read carefully and respond on a timely manner to each of your comments and email....  I love it!!!

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!! And forward this post to people who may be interested!

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