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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Epicurean vs minimalist and vegan

vegan brownies sundae!!!
This post is inspired by my little brother's post back in August. You can read it here.

He's epicurean and I am a vegan minimalist...  isn't it compatible??? Can you be all of that?
He was surprise that I asked him to be a guest post....  because of what he thinks is a huge difference between us...  I didn't think it was!

Let's look at some definition...

epicurean: fond of or adapted to luxury or indulgence in sensual pleasure; having luxurious taste or habits, especially in eating and drinking

vegan: a vegetarian who omits all animal product from the diet

minimalist: (could not find a definition as a general concept unless in arts or politics) person who simplifies their lifestyle by reducing amount of possession, busyness of calendar, activities and who enjoys the simpler pleasure in life (my definition)

Now the above picture was taken at a vegan restaurant in Ottawa (unfortunately I can't remember the name but I know exactly how to get there!)...  our entire meal was delicious... but this brownie sundae with coconut ice cream and coconut whipped cream... vegan brownies.. and vegan chocolate coulis was just to die for!!!!  A true feast for my mouth....  I enjoyed every bits and pieces of it....  and would we have know it was so delicious, we'd get 2 not to have to share between my husband and I!!!

This sundae, surely was epicurean...  and was definitely vegan.... so I guess those 2 are not mutually exclusive!!! 

You can actually find quite luxurious vegan meals...  Luxurious does not necessarily include animal product.... once you're used to not have animal product, you find luxury elsewhere!  Where did we start associating luxury to a huge expensive piece of steak? And vegan can have champagne with strawberries and chocolate... isn't that the ultimate luxury??

So vegan can have luxury in their meals and drinks... so they can be epicurean... 

What about minimalist?  Well by definition a minimalist doesn't have to give up luxury... and actually most of us prefer having very few items but of good quality...  we prefer quality over quantity!!!  When you only have a few bowls to have your meals in, you can actually get more expensive ones.... and same goes for clothes....  I have only one winter jacket... but it's a really good one that cost me a lot of $$$...  same for winter boots... and rain boots...  Being a minimalist means choosing what we put our money on... it has nothing to do with living poorly... or being cheap...  just making choices... and spending on what really matters to us! I prefer to pay 4-5$ for a tea at Starbucks than 1-2$ for one a Tim Horton or MacDonald... and that is my choice...

So I would think that you can be an epicurean vegan minimalist...  and I would go further by saying that most minimalist I know will prefer luxury over quantity... and most vegans I know will pay more for food just to have good quality...

I am an epicurean, vegan, minimalist, yogi!!!  lol

What do you guys think about that? 
Any vegan and/or minimalist want to risk a comment? 
Any non-vegan and/or non-minimalist want to comment?

Please do comment.. it makes this more fun... I enjoy seeing what my readers are thinking!!!

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!! And foward this post to people who may be interested!

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