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Monday, July 8, 2013

Montreal! I love my city!!!

taken Saturday early evening in Montreal's Old Port
I love Montreal!!!  I was born here and raised here....  I have been here all my life!!!  40 years!!! And I honestly cannot imagine living anywhere for that long...

I love this city because of it's diversity....  many things to do... many places to see... the fact that in a whole day spent outside, you can go in a huge park and think you're miles aways from the city... walk by the water and see boats in the Old Port... do some great shopping in either of the popular shopping streets... you can have food from all over the world... and even some excellent vegan food! You can watch Amercian blockbuster movies or some foreign movies... we have many museums... we have many farmers markets everywhere...  you can pick and choose any yoga studio you want....  we even have Nordic spas... you can pick a cruise... we have many festivals...  you can walk, bike or take the bus everywhere.... it is safe...  clean...  and busy.... not too much.. just enough!

You can eat out in a restaurant on a busy street and enjoy that view... 

Backyard and outside sitting area of a restaurant - Santropol

You can walk by the water in the Old Port (or in other places...) and enjoy this view.... we are an Island after all...
Old Port
Or you can eat a vegan pizza on St-Denis and be right there in all the noise of the city... with outdoor sitting area organized right there on the side walk... and wonder what will happen if this door is not locked properly...

What I like is the freedom... the security.. you are able to be different... weird.. or ordinary... you can be from anywhere on this planet and we'll make room for you... you can be filthy rich or crazy poor.. or anywhere in between and you'll always have something to do...

I am not saying that here is the only place like this...  and I did not travel extensively.... but I went to a few other places.... and never felt such security... and acceptance....  maybe it's just me... an I am sure that this can be found elsewhere to... but I have it here...  I am so lucky!!!

This week end I took the time to really enjoy Montreal...  it was so hot that we left home early and got back really late... we went around a lot.... and it has allow me to rediscover it...  I tried looking at it as if I was a tourist...  because so many of you ask me about my life... and what is in Montreal...  so I tried looking at it to "sell" the place..... and I realise that I walk, wander around for about 20hours... and I am far from having seen anything!!!  I had so many more things I wish I could do.... Now I understand why we have so many tourists.... I just find it too bad that some people will "know" Montreal much better in a couple of weeks that I know after 40 years...  and this is why this summer I decided to be a tourist in my own City!!!

And you'll get a chance to visit it with me... as there will be more post to come on my adventures...  of course, it will have to be minimalist... in a way... and vegan always!

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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love and peace,

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