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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Human life course... image shared from facebook

On my facebook profile I posted earlier today something that really resonate with me.... You can look at it here it comes from this website and was posted on a page I follow... I had to share it!

It basically says that we're all heading toward death....  right?  no one can argue with that!  I know we tend to forget.... we want to forget... or we pretend we're not going there... but we are! There are 2 certainties in life: we were born and we will die.  The rest is up to us....  we can do whatever we want with the time in between...  be it short or long!

Every day we make decisions that are depending on our past and affecting our future...  we say we have to be in the present moment... the past no longer is and the future doesn't exist yet... and it may never....  Who knows? But the decision I made yesterday, shaped my today...  right?  and the decision I make today will shape my tomorrow.. and the wheel goes on....  as long as we live....  This does not mean we're suppose to make all decisions according to tomorrow... or regret decisions we made yesterday... 

It means that every decision we make should be made compassionately...  we should take decisions to the best of our knowledge, following our heart... and only take decisions that are kind to ourselves and to other...  if we create day to day this compassion and kindness around us we'll always be in that (remember today is shaping tomorrow?)...  and we'll have a good life...  and when we get to see it right before that moment when we no longer are (they say you life flashes before your eyes before you die), it will be worth watching.... and it will be a nice "movie", a compassionate one...  one where you will not regret your saying or acting... 

Why would you want to regret something at that very last moment?  There would be nothing you could do for it... no time to fix it....  so live your life according to you hearth...

Make decision today that will shape a nice tomorrow...  decisions you are happy about....  and decisions are made almost every minute but we don't always realise it.... it takes a split second... will I eat this or that? go for a walk or watch tv? help this old lady or pretend I did not see her? spend time with my son on what he likes to do or waste time on vacuuming?  smile at a kid or ignore him? smile at a stranger or look down? ...and it goes on and on... and there is not right answer to any of these questions.... they have to be the right thing for you at that very moment!

Each decision we make brings us somewhere....  each person we ignore may have a very interesting thing to share with us... every kid we do not smile at register that in their little brain... 

No regrets....  I live my life in order to have no regrets when I get to see my own movie... and if this makes you look back and realise that you may regret a few things... fix them now!  Now is the time...  tomorrow may not be...

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