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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A sad Anniversary

A year ago today, my aunt Carol passed away...  unexpectedly!  She was 70 years old and looked fabulous!!!  If I make it to that age, I wish I will be as happy, lovely and good looking!!!

I am writing this post more for me....  most of my readers do not know my aunt... 

I need to come to an end on how angry I was about myself at that time... time to move on!!!  I know she would have forgiven me so why not forgive myself!!!

She passed away while she was in Florida for the winter with my uncle Guy.  They had been going there from right after New Year to somewhere late April or beginning of May for as long as I can remember!!!!  They had been married for ever...  They were the loveliest and happiest couple that had been THAT long together that I knew (52 years if I remember correctly).  Al thus I did not see them often, I really appreciated them a lot.

I had told my aunt Carol somewhere between Christmas and New Year, on one of our unplanned meet at the mall, that I would try and go see her before she left for Florida...  unfortunately I did not try hard enough....  now after she left, I realized it was too late and thought I could always go when they come back early spring...  but that did not happen! She never made it back.

I was really angry at myself for not having made time to go...  we are all so busy that sometimes we forget what really matters!  We forget that there might not always be a tomorrow or a next spring!  We assume that we are all immortal and that nothing will change!!!

So here it is Carol, for all it is worth now that you are no longer with us:  I am sorry not to have made time to go. I really wish you would have got to see my book. - pretty sure you would have loved it!  You were one of the 3 reasons why I wrote it in English.  I loved you. I miss you.

love and peace,

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