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Monday, February 18, 2013

Why pay full price?

I started a few months ago, as part of being minimalist, to only buy stuff that I really need, really like and will get great use of...  As a result I have not buy much stuff since September 2012...  this is almost 6 months!!!

I did get winter boots in November... but not having a car I really needed warm winter boots!!!!  And I did get a very good use of it!!!!  I wear them for hours every single days!!!

Now I really needed a warm winter jacket... where I live is really cold!!!  And windy!!!  And sometimes I wait for the bus 10-15 minutes!!! And I walk a LOT!!!  So I needed something that could keep me warm in windy and sometimes very cold weather (this winter we had as low as -36 Celsius)!!!  I did not wanted to have something with animal feather... or leather....  or wool....  being almost 100% vegan made me not want to wear "dead animals" to keep warm...  I also did not wanted to pay 400$ for a winter jacket...  so I decided to wait until they would be on sale...  which is about now!!! After all, our winter is coming to an end... but there will be many more!  I will therefore be able to enjoy my winter jacket for years to come!!! 

I am happy to tell you that this weekend I found the PERFECT winter jacket!  It has no dead animals components...  is not black... doesn't look puffy... and his a 3 in 1!!!  The color matches my boots perfectly!!  It was not made in China!  It was 40% off (therefore it did not mess up my budget!)!!!  So for a fraction of the price I got my dream jacket!!! Tried it this morning (at -28 Celsius) and was not cold at all!!!!!  Even thus it was very windy... I had to walk 15 minutes to get to the bus stop... and waited for the bus 18 minutes!!!
I am so happy!!!!

Also, this week end, I found on sale (77% off), a pair of pants I had fell in love with but that I refused to pay full price!!! 

Those pants will get good use because they fit me very well.... the colors goes with most of the stuff in my current winter wardrobe and lots of stuff in my spring wardrobe!   I am hoping to wear them at least once  a week for the next 15 weeks.... then put them away for summer but take them out again next September...  and wear them for at least another 30 weeks right there....  so let's assume that over the course of the next year,  I will get to wear the pants a minimum of 45 times, the pants were 15,95$: this brings us to a cost per wear of 35 cents!!!  And if I keep them for another year (which I will most likely do because they are good enough quality and not to flashy...), the cost per wear is 17 cents!!!!  Is that great deal or not??? What if I get to keep thjem for 3 years???  That would be awesome!

Point to all this is that, especially with clothes, there is not point in paying full price!!!  Unless you need a specific item for a given occasion and you are last minute... but with minimum planning and visiting your favorite stores a few times a year, you can figure out what you like and go back to buy it when the end of season sales are there...  Also by waiting a few weeks before an item goes on sale, it allows you to figure out if you really like it or if it was just an impulse buy!

We usually end up regretting impulse buys anyway...  so why not try and avoid them???

In order to avoid them, me who use to be a shopaholic, came up with rules:

1) never buy anything the first time I see it - allow myself to at least sleep over it!
2) not buying full price clothes - they always end up on sale!
3) every item I buy has to be wearable for at least 3 seasons
4) every item I buy should go with at least 3 others in my wardrobe - in order to avoid orphan piece of clothing that clutter up my wardrobe
5) clothes should be of high enough quality that I can wear them for a minimum of 2 years - preferably more than that
6) item should fit me perfectly!

It turns out that these rules worked out pretty well with me over the last year... I have a small wardrobe of clothes that fit me well... are easy to match with each other and that I can stretch from one season to another...

What about you my minimalist friends?  Do you have rules when you are going shopping???

And what if you read this and are not a minimalist:  do you still have some sort of rules when you go shopping?

love and peace,


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