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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Missing my yoga

Over the last few weeks... even thus I know I shouldn't have....  I have decreased my yoga practice!!!

And this is not so good for me... and I am really NOT proud of myself for this!!!

Of course I had all kinds of good reasons...  like we always have when we do not want to do something!!!

I was (and still am) really tired because my neighbours keep waking me up around 3h30 am!!!  Fortunately, there is one more night of that and then I am moving so this will put an end to this excuse!!!

I am too busy...  with my book being release, my day job and the move! Well I should know better...  Yoga gives me energy, mental clarity, peace of mind... all this makes me more efficient in a sense so not as busy!

I don't have time!  Well I did find time to watch about an hour of TV.... most of the time crappy TV.... why not do my yoga instead???

And it is not the first time I do that... and it always ends in the same way... I get to a place I do not like...  why do I keep testing it?  Yoga is really good for me!!!!  I should know by now!

Must I say again, that I am not proud of this...  and I am paying the price of it today!!!  My energy is low, I am stressed, my hands are shaky....  a place I do not want to go for health reasons!!!

As there is not point to actually beat myself up over this, I am deciding as I write this to take up my practice again as of next Monday!!! I usually do not practice over the week end anyway... and tomorrow is moving day so I do not want to say something I may not be able to do!!!

I am forgiving myself for doing this...  as we always should... be forgiving with ourselves!  No one is perfect... and we may jump off the wagon at one point...  but the idea is to realize why... address it, correct the situation and move on!!!  Jump back on as soon as you can!!!

This is true for anything in your life.. any lifestyle change you wish to make or wish to adopt.. be it food habit, sleep pattern, exercise regimen, meditation or yoga practice, juicing, writing....  any goal you set for yourself!

You may not always get there the first time!  But keep trying... I know I need to!!!

My goal is to include 5x1h yoga practice per week...  I will make it... in due time!!!

Be patient with yourself!
Be forgiving with yourself!

Love and peace,


  1. I know what you mean... I feel so much better when I meditate every day! I go to yoga classes twice per week, but I'm trying to get into the habit of doing yoga at home in the morning. I am a different person since I discovered meditation and yoga. My next step is reiki - gonna attend a reiki course this weekend!
    Good luck with the move!

  2. Reiki was actually part of my healong process from MS as explained with my book...
    My husband is a reiki master!
    Good luck with it!
    Let me know what you think of it!

  3. I really like your blog!! I have been wanting to get into yoga.

  4. Then give it a try... You can try most studio for a week free... Of course what I am talking about takes more than a week to experience but after a week you have a good idea if you like the place or not!
    Glad you likey blog!