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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First 3 months of project 333 are over

Well...  I have gone 3 months of just about with less than 33 items of clothing!  This is amazing!  Technically my 3 months will be up end of January but because I am moving on February 1st, I will not be able to update you guys on that project on time....  so I'd rather do it sooner than later!

Here's my current list:

That I will keep as is for 2 more months - I will update my items in April when the spring season will be coming!

2 black pants - one straight, one flare
1 red Cotton skinny pants
3 jeans - one skinny, one torn straight leg and one flare
1 black skirt
1 velvet burgundy skirt
1 black dress with mustard flowy sleeves
1 LBD - a must very simple and very me!!!
1 purple dress (with fuchsia and grey imprints)
1 navy dress (with mustard yellow and beige polka dots)
2 sleeveless top (grey, mustard)
4 fancy t-shirts (beige, red, grey/navy/mustard, old pink)
1 electric blue short sleeve blouse
4 long sleeve t-shirt (2 beige, 1 black, 1 gray)
1 electric blue turtleneck1 black long sleeve fancy top
1 green long sleeve fancy top
1 pink and purple blouse
2 jackets (corduroy- beige, brown)
2 cardigans (grey, mustard)

So there it is...  my list of 31 items... 
The ones in red might actually be too big for me as I lost weight with all the walking implicated in not having a car!  I will have to see if I can get them fix!
The ones in green I do not wear so much because they end up being more "spring" but I still keep on my current list as potential items to use!
The one in fuchsia I love the color electric blue... but turtleneck actually drive me crazy...  I think I will update this item tonight...  stay tune for pictures!  I will probably cut the neck part and turn it into a boat neck t-shirt!

So it shows that I am really wearing 25 items....  so you can dress with very little items!  And I am not bored at all!!!   I love my new way of dressing.... and how everything match with everything else!  And how easy it is in the morning to get dress!!!  I use to be "late" because of trying to figure out what to wear!  I do not have that problem anymore!!!

I love this project!!!  Made my life so much simpler!!!

Definitely will keep on doing this for a long time... even if I will not be making list or counting items anymore!  There is not need too!  I do not feel like adding anything to my wardrobe...  because it would mean that I would wear less the items I have now!  I will replace stuff as deemed necessary but that is it!!!  Project 333 has cured my from my shopping addition and excessive consumerism!!!

Thank you Courtney!

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