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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another of life's surprises

Well Hello everyone...  sorry I have not write in so long...  I was lost!!!

On June 7th I lost my job...  was laid off because they did not need my position anymore... so they say...  A couple of weeks after I moved to my new appartment...  nothing to do with loosing my job, it was already planned.
We had decided to move to get closer to my son's highschool...  of course it would have been further from my job but Icould do it... it was not that far...

Now, comes June 22nd...  I am officially moved...  unemployed... in a new area...  It was a shock...  more then I imagined! Technically I was moving in the same city...  still in Montreal... but this city, as many major cities I imagine, have multiple side to it...  I went from the West Island where I had been living for the last 10 years to Ahunstic.  Those to areas are day and night!!! More then I suspected.... and since I no longer had to go to the West Island for my job, it was a whole new life for me... First language wise....  here we speak more French then English... actually I hardly ever hear English anymore aside from TV and a few friends! The ''food'' in the supermarket is not the exactly the same... of course the basics are... but being vegetarian and most times vegan and buying mostly organic products, I had to find new places to get my usual stuff...  now for those who've been reading me,or know me,  I am very specific about my diet so this was a huge deal!!!  I did find everything I was use to buy but I have to run 3 differents places...  so I have to plan ahead...  People who were asking me how I was a few days after the move were told that I may as well have move to France and it wouldn't be a bigger shock...  and I was not exagerating so much...

Now a month later, I have learn to LOVE my new area...  as I thought before moving, when we chose the area it was much more in sync with who we are... we do most of our things by bike or walk hence we save on gas which is great since I have no job! Neighbours are really nice...  my son loves the place and so do my husband...

I am getting adjusted to not working in an office... I have my routine which involves my almost daily yoga practice, my daily meditation, I do bike rides to get back into shape 3-4 times a week on top of running errands by bike or walking...  I also started reading again and knitting. This is working out just great!!!

I am also just about to finish my book...  and this is what I mean by the title of this post... I had trouble getting time in a busy schedule working 40h per week to get it done with... now I have time...  I had ask to get time to get to it... and I was given it!!! You know how they say ''be careful what you wish for you might just get it''?  Of course many people see loosing a job as a huge obstacle...  but I see it as an opportunity... to finish this book which will help many people... an opportunity to figure out the rest of my life...

I am about to turn 40 in a few months...  I will have a book coming out this automn... I have overcome my fair share of obstacles over the last 15 years...  job lost, business loss, bankruptcy, chronic disease, spouse having mental problems... I overcame all this... and I have learn to trust life and figure out that there is always something better awaiting us... even thus sometimes it may not look it!  Now I like to see life's surprises as opportunity to grow... a chance to get closer to your life big goal!  Maybe this is why I get so much of them...  cause I overcome them... or because I do not ''get'' the message fast enough so the universe need to send me more of it...  I know everyone has their problems...  and honestly I am not even sure anymore the can be called problems...  they are just life happening...  for better and for worse...  but it always turn out just fine!!!  No matter what!!!

So I will try and post more often...  include this blog on a more regular schedule... I realise it is great to write it!!!  I hope you guys enjoy reading it!!!


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