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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Year end

As we are coming to year end, I feel the need to reflect upon the past year....  I always do... It has been a wonderful amazing year...  full of surprises....  as always!

We started they ear my husband and I with the intention on buying nothing not absolutely necessarry for a whole year.. to try it out as an experiment... and yet another way to decrease out carbon footprint...  Some will say this resolution came in handy when my husband was annouced he was losing his job by the end of the year on February 1st. And as a mater of fact it did...  it allowed us to pay our debt and stuck up on essential household items that we always postponed buying because we did not have the money!  Well we now have a well equiped appartement!!!   

However, this resolution brought us to mid year and we decided we had enough... this mostly came from me but my husband too decided that we tried and we proved to ourselves we could do it but why not enjoy money while we had some...  him still having a job... Plus why depriving oursleves of of one of our pleasures in life? So in July we went on a shopping spree and we had a blast!  August 4th was his last day at his old job...  So we tried and hold back shopping for a few more months while we figured out what to do.... 

Real went back to school in october while working at a ''small'' job in the meantime in order to help me out with rent and stuff... Comes end of november he completed a series of courses over night and week ends and is now ready to be a security guard.  So he leaves his job and applies to different places in hope of having a couple of weeks off...  he stareted his new job on Dec 13th.... and he loves it!!! 

However, this new job implies for now odd working hours... and I am not use to that... so I can honestly say that I figured out that part of my shopping is a mean to cope with boredom and missing my husband...  Needless to say I have a whole new wardrobe by now!!!

The other thing time alone has entitled me to do is defined who I am...  the time alone and a therapist I consulted on a few occasion... along with meditation and discussions with friends...

So who am I???  This is such an easy question... but there are no easy answer... I am a complex... multidimensionnal person... I have discover many things about me this year... and I wish to share that with you now.

1. I am passionate about the human being.  Health more all of it's aspect. This brings a need for meditation, yoga and a good diet..  Which brings me to:
2. My quest of learning...  I want to learn as much as I can about what food, yoga and meditation can do the the body... I truly believe that by mastering this I will achive long meaningfull life.
3.  Therefore, I need to put this in practice...  I have modified my yoga practive over the year because of my dominant dosha. I realized that I need a practice that is more grounding and relaxing.... I do not need to over exite myself...  I also meditate more then I use too....  I walk of use my bicycle as much as I can! and I am still in the process of changing my diet... I already am vegetarian for 4 years now...  but I need to work on other aspect of it and I wish to tend as much as I can toward a vegan diet... but I need a little more information about that first...I have cut out honey, milk, butter, yogourt and cold cheese.. I kept melted cheese and eggs as it is easier for me to get by at the present moment but I know eventually these will need to come off my diet to...   so I am still earning about that... 
4. I want to save the world... this came out rather VERY stongly with my therapist.   I wish to help out and do as much as I can...  in many aspect.... And I also have a strong need to communicate all I know and have experienced...  I will be working on that over the next few years as it implies many thing I need to look into.  To soon to announce it but it will bring more major changes to my life.   But isn't life ever changing?
5. I love fashion....  style and clothes.... And I came to peace with it....  it is not becasue I am a vegan yogini that I cannot be a fashionista at the same time... There is no need for me to look like a slobb to prove a point!!!  Beiung a yogini means being repectfull of life in all it's form, being at peace with myself... and knowing who I am...  no one is perfect...  and no need to be boring!  I love to dress well and have fun with my clothes... I can learn to do this in a more reponsible way... and still be in agreement with my beliefs and values.  So I will also be working on that in the upcoming year.
6. I discovered 2 new passions I have on top of cooking, yoga, meditation and fashion... these are writing and music!    So I will be working on that too...

To tell you the truth, I am not even sure anyone is still reading this.... but I need to keep on doing it!  I need to write... It feels like I can maybe help someone by doing it... and if I don't well I am at least helping myself! Satisfying my need to write! So it's a great start! 

So this is my year....  2011....  almost over...  I loved it!!  It brought a lot to my son, husband and I!!!
I wish 2012 will be all more exiting and rich of meaningfull events!!! 

I will keep you posted on any more changes over the next year!

I wish you all a happy holiday season...  peace, and love! 

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  1. Hey Nath,

    Still reading your blog ;) as always inspiring

    Passes de belles fetes