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Monday, September 26, 2011


I have told you in my last post that many changes were about to come in my life.  One fo them was selecting a high school for my son next year.  This has now been done. He found a place that perfectly suits him and he is really happy with.  That will be a great start for the next phase of his life. 

However, this school is quite far from where I live and where I work so we will be moving.  Most likely sometimes next april or may so he gets time to get aquainted to his new environment prior to starting at his new school.

I am quite glad about this.  I have been living in 3 different places in the last 9 years.  All in the West Island.  I will now be moving more towards the center.  I cannot precisely say where yet but it will be in a place where I will feel more like home.  I have already made a post about Montreal.  I am a true Montrealer.  Always lived on the island.  Never will move away from here.  (I know they say to never say never... but I can't see me move out of the isaland at this point of my life so for me it feels like never!)

I always had that desire to go live closer to dowtown, without actually being dowtown.  A great area for me would be near Villeray.  This would be great!  I always loved those houses that make Montreal so disctinctive.  It would also be close to Marché Jean-Talon and I would be near St-Denis and St-Laurent which have lots of store I love with locally made stuff, organic clothing, vegetarian restaurants and so much more!  I have been going there over the last few weeks and really loved it.  Even my husband says that I totally fit there!  People going around on their normal old bike with urban clothing!  Hey, people even dress like me over there!

Now I do not want to offend all my west island friends!  I have had a great time over the last 9 years here... and I do not regret it!  I just wanna go where it will feel like me!  Where I will be home!  Where I will fit! 

Also, this will be great for my son since he will be in an area with more people speaking French like him.  And he will also be closer to school so he may more easily see his friends over the week end.  He will be able to go to and back from school on his own.

My husband is in the midst of reorienting his career so he will simply find something closer to the area where we will live.

My son and husband have been commuting a lot over the last years.  It is now my time to do it!

So long West Island!
Bienvenue Villeray!

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