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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


School is finaly over...  for my son and many many more kids... this is a different period of the year...  no more studying and homework...  no more rushing in the morning... no more lunches...  I have a great opportunity this summer... my husband can use extra vacation time to spend with my son so he does not have to go to day camps!!!  he was really thrilled about this...  mom too considering less time plannning and making lunches and less time spent in traffic to drop off and pick up my son at day camp!  This is a real old fashionned summer like I use to have.... time to chill out and relax!  However, I did have a few worries..  I do not want him to spend all his days in front of the TV or playing with his XBox and or iPod... so I had to planned this out also... I took a summer membership at my near by city pool, a summer pass at La Ronde, I also have a membership at the Ecomuseum,  loaded his bus pass with tickets, inflated his bikes tires, got a couple of water gun and new fun books, also made a list of activities free or not that they can do over the week... like playing tennis, badminton, soccer, basketball, frisbee...  going to see a movie, to La Ronde, Ecomuseum or the pool... it is on the fridge... This should be real fun for all of us...  and an experiment for him who since he was 7 months old has always been rushed in the morning to go to daycare, then school and or day camp..  he did get a couple of weeks at Christmas but I think this will be very energizing for him... and he will finaly be able to completely relax for a couple of months like we used to be able to do... 

This is so exiting!!!

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