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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My son is in fifth grade.  A difficult year... with a curriculum already quite charged.... but his amazing teacher had them work on an humanitarian project for the last 5 months or so... The project was for Mali.  Karine 's aunt works in Mali, so for the last five year, she had been doing this project with her fift grade students to raise funds to help out mostly with school and medical care.  I think it is amazing that a 30 year old teacher and some of her co-worker/friends put so much time and energy outside of their obliged duty to show kids a valuable lesson.  Kids have learned that some kids on this planet are not as lucky as they are...  They are already quite privileged to live in Canada and even more so since their parents can afford to send them to private school!

They were taught about life in Mali.  We already know that they lack clean water and food...  education and medical care...  as most African country.  But did you know that not too long ago, kids were given out to the army in exchange for food?  That kids were kidnapped by the army to work there?  Mostly young girls... since they are not as valuable!  In the army, they would work in the kitchen, walk on mine field or even be in the first line of assault so they get killed first...  This is horrible... but Mali is at peace now, so no more of that!  Things CAN change...  and by working on this humanitarian project, this is what the 5th grader of Collège Jacques-Prévert are hoping to do!

The project consisted of small groups of kids, taking music from a song they like, writing lyrics about Mali for that music, singing, recording it and selling the CD (with lyrics included)... and ultimaltely, yesterday night was the fundraiser show where we got to see our kids, singing and dancing for Mali.  They had decorated the scene with drawings.  It is an amazing thing to see about 50 kids, all singing in harmony, no fighting or arguing, in order to help kids miles away... The CD sold for 10$ and all proceed is going to Mali since all expenses are paid for by generous people.  We have yet to find out the total amount of money collected...
Next year, kids will find out what their money was used for...

Yesterday night was very emotional and I can honestly say than more than once did a tear came to my eye... Especially when Karine and Emilie performed a song for that group of fifth grader they had got to know over the school year... It was a great gift from them to the kids who worked really hard on this!

It is very inspiring and I wanna say thank you to Karine, Emilie and anyone else who participated in this project! And mostly thank you to these kids for having done something very important and showing such a dedication to someone else then themselves!!!  They have a great future!!!