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Sunday, March 27, 2011


The last few days have brought me to drive around Montreal a lot...  From the West Island all the way to Rosemont, passing thru St-Laurent,  not using the higway most of the time because of traffic...   It has allow me to revisit this beautiful city I have always lived in... Of course, it is early spring.. to the city is not at it's best esthetically...  but nonetheless, it is a very interesting place to live!

I was born and raised east of Montreal... and gradually my life path brought me all the way in the west of the island... I have loved every area I lived in.... each being very different... and this is what surprise me most with Montreal...

This city is so rich and so poor at the same time....  So francophone and anglophone... so old and new.... so modern and classic...  so many buildings and yet great parks...  surrounded by water... so many things to do like festivals, museum, shows, shopping, dining out, outdoor activities for every seasons... You can go from Greece, to Italy, to China, to Israel in a couple of minutes! And so much more... 
Downtown feels like a small Boston... and Old Port like Quebec city... West island like Ontario... 

You can go from places where you can see people's misery on their face to places that are so filthy rich it is ridiculous!  Places where people have to go through garbages and popular kitchen to eat to other's where only the finest cuisine is eaten!  You can have on the same street, restaurants where the bill will easily come up to a couple of hundreds of dollars to have a wiener for 60cents or a slice of pizza for 99! People walking around with all their belonging in a grocery cart or driving around in a Mercedes!

People from all around the globe live here...  with all their individual culture... without it being such a big problem...  of course there are some incidents here and there but all in all, it is quite a nice place to live...  peaceful, multicultural with a low criminal rate for such a big city!  It is actually safe to walk around or take public transportation for a woman at night in most areas!

All kinds of people, with all kinds of different backgounds living in harmony on a small island!  Minding their own business... but yet helping each other...  Makes you wonder, why is it not possible then to have all those same kind of people living all around the globe in the same harmony?  What makes this place so different?? 

I honestly wonder...    maybe I will never find out but to me, this is the best place to live.... 

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