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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lunch break

For years, I have spent my lunch time out...  I need the change of scenary for my mental health! Also I found
that if you stay inside, you have a tendency to work throughout lunch or at least talk about it! Over the years, my routine has changed... when I first started that, I would actually go out to eat in restaurants... which ended up not being good on my waistline nor my wallet!  Then I ended up spending my lunch time at the shopping mall...  because it was close to my job...  This was better on my waistline as I would bring my own lunch but not much better on the wallet! If not worst...

Now, since I started at my current job, I have decreased the number of time I go out because we sometimes
do yoga at lunch and we have a stitch and bitch club once a week... 

However, the remaining days, I would spend at the shopping mall up untill January 1st!!!  In order to
avoid temptation, I decided to change my routine and spend my free lunch break at Chapters (Starbucks)...
there I would have a chai and read a book...  minimize spending and avoid temptation...  but after 2 months
of that routine I am getting fed up and need a change... 

So today at lunch, I decided that on the days were there would be no yoga and no stitching, I would go for
a walk when it is nice outside of course (if weather is not cooperative, I would go for a chai!)!
But by now, the weather should be going towards better times...
A walk at lunch time would be good for the wallet (no more chai) and for the waistline!  ;)))
And if by any chance there is a park near by, I could even stop a few minutes to read whenever I feel like
it so it would be a winning situation for me - take some fesh air, soak up the sun and read!!!
When we hit really nice weather, I plan on using my bike to work at least twice a week so then I could bike to a park, read and get back to work all refreshed!

What do you guys think?
How do you spend your lunch time?  Nurturing yourself? Or just keeping busy with work related issues?


  1. Always had a tendency to stay in at work, because since I've been working and most of my friends are at work and it was a time to socialize with them. But lately I really crave getting fit since I have been staying at the computer a lot and putting on the pounds!!! So I love the idea of yoga at work and going for a run so for an hour to take care of myself since I know well with the family life I won't have time at night. But Friday is the day where I don't want to stay in, it's been a tradition for me since I started working.

    So count me in for the walking, I love our conversation, and if I get fit from it...bonus ;)


  2. I will start bringing my book at work and I will walk and go read in the park with you.

    I would ofter read at work at lunch time, but people might find it rude, so sometimes I eat at my desk to read on the Net... but to be able to read in a park...I'm definetely in!