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Monday, February 7, 2011

Truly amazing people!

The last week has been a roller coaster of emotions... 
A person I care deeply about is going thru a divorce... 
My husband was told that by best case scenario, he would be out of a job before 2012!!!
I have finaly said good bye and put behind me a friendship of 15 years because it was no longer satisfying!
All this keeping my regular schedule or almost... being my "smiling" self... I think :)
Obviously, the most disturbing new, is my husband loosing his job...
This comes in the life's 10 more stressfull factor (that's what they say!)...  and it his hitting us AGAIN...
I lost my job 5 years ago, in similar conditions, and quite frankly, we did not handle it so well...
But we have greatly learned from all the mistakes we made... and this time we are prepare and have a "Plan".
A real Plan!  And we will stick to it!  No matter what!
This Plan was tought of before the news came out (we were kind of expecting it!), so it does not involve any
of the typical emotions related to such a news such as anger, fear, sadness, etc..
And quite frankly, after all we both went thru over the last years, we tought we were out of the woods... 
But who is out of the woods ever???  I do not think this is possible... The woods is part of life...
Everything depends on how you handle it... we are prepared...  we are scared of course... even
prepared, the unkonwn remains the unknown...  we are sad because this is a 24 years experience coming to an end... but exited about all the opportunities that he is given...
So will get thru this.... together...  rowing a boat in troubled water is much easier when you are 2!!!
On the other hand, I have been surrounded by amazing people cheering me up! 
Offering to get in touch with contacts who could help him find something else!
One dear friend of mine, who litteraly does not have a minute to herslef, spent half an hour on the phone with
me Sunday afternnon trying to help me put things in perspective!  And, I must admit, she was so right!!!
Annoyingly right!!! :)
My cousin, who reads this blog on a regular basis, but is not a follower send me a great email...
and it was so touching to read!
When I got to work on Monday, another friend of mine, inspired by the stitch and bitch club I co-founded had crochet me a really nice tuque!!!  I was so happy about this!!!
So I went to this roller coaster of emotions thinking that normally, I would have handled this by going shopping and spending roughly 300$, that I would have make everything better (so I tought!!!)
but because of this "stupid" resolution we made I could not do it!!!  I must admit that I almost did...
I was so close....  but I made soup instead... which I will have tonight!!!
Homemade soup from scratch vs spending 300$ of stuff I ended up not wanting : pretty sure I made the best choice!
So thanks to all of you truly amazing people (and all the others I did not specifically mentionned!)!!!!
You are helping us going thru this rough patch...  and making this so much easier...


  1. I am so glad I found your "comment" on Dave's site! My husband and I have been and are going through again job losses and other hard bumps in the road. But we do hard things because we can.

  2. That is true.... it is amazing how much one can handle and still be happy!!!
    Good luck to you...