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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spring fashion

Today, I had to do a quick stop at the mall to pick up some pants I had shortened... since heals no longer agree with me!
Bad idea... it was not easy....  I did not come close to buy anything... did not even got to try something on...  but spring stuff is coming out!!!  Spring is my favorite season and shopping season...  I love what they put out for spring... flowery stuff...  colors are nice... announces the end of cold months asking us to put on layer on top of layer on top of more layers...  so it was not an easy 20 minutes but I managed... 
And who am I kidding... spring is not my only favorite season, I also lover fall and summer...  of course spring comes first...  but aside from winter, I love all the other season... and their clothes!!!  so it will not get any easier as the next winter stuff shoul not be there before mid october... so I am in for a rough ride...  I am sure I will pull it through thus...  with the help of the love of my life...

So this is the update for now...
Stay tune!
And if you do read this blog and are interested in following me over my next year, please sign in as a follower... it would be nice for me to see some support and have people comment on all my stupidities!!!  :)

p.s. basically I felt like a recovering alcoholic in a bar!

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