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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Time to look back on a life experience


almost a year ago I announced my decision to move from Montreal, the city I grew up in and thought I would never leave, to Moncton  10 hours drive away... I did that with a #108daystoanewlife perspective (you can read my posts about those 108 days in the section labelled 108 days!).

I wanted to change a few things...  I wanted a quieter and yet even simpler life...  I had goals and objectives and challenges...  You can read about it all if you want but my goal here is not to go over them in great details... All I wish to look at is HOW I lived through 11 months being away from every one I knew beside my husband and son...

We got into this adventure all together and aside from my son, who went to see his dad, none of us went back to Montreal and we did not even see anyone we knew in our "previous" life.

My ultimate goal was to live the life I wanted free of people's expectation and explanations to give and lessons to get...  I didn't want to feel like I was letting anyone down... disappearing was the best solution to me. And it worked! I did manage to get exactly the life I wanted... it did take a little longer than I anticipated for everything to fall into place but this week, the last few puzzle pieces came into place.  All good things comes to those who wait.

Main achievement for the year:

Got back to my natural hair color : sometimes I still think about dying it again.. but then I realise that people here got to know me and love me this way!  Why bother and waste money putting some chemicals in my body??? 

I started really dressing the way I want - and even got to a really low number of clothes...  This is super cool and a time/money saver.  I only own clothes I love and feel great in.  REALLY.

I did get over my shopping addiction.  FINALLY.  I really have no interest in shopping and when I really do need something, I feel like I am wasting money...  and try and extend my need as much as I can before I go and buy it! I also only get "on sale" stuff... or pre-owned! Some would say I have become "cheap" I like to think I have become savvy... or wise!  We pay things, in general, way more then we should.... waiting for a sale is legitimate.

I managed to keep plants alive!  I have 4 thriving now and hoping to get a couple more. I will also start a herb garden and put flowers on my patio.

I have lost interest in watching television shows... I have Netflix and am following 2 shows (Dr Who and Supernatural) with my son but mostly to spend time with him...  he loves to watch these with me! I also got a new interest in documentaries... but not anyone as I find most of them are not in depth enough and still are trying to put "normal" thoughts in my head without explaining the "why" I should think like that.  I am now seriously ready to get rid of my television all together. 

I enjoy spending time doing NOTHING at home... just watching the view of my lake!

I realised that all that matters to me is living a peaceful life with my husband and son...  I enjoy cooking and learning about nutrition as well as reading.  Taking walks outside, going to have a tea with friends or family...  nothing else really matters. Doing yoga and more and more meditation.

I have refine the way I eat further more... staying away from process food at least 95% of the time...  and working on it.  I also cut down all process oil...  But what are you eating you may ask???  Mostly starch (legumes, potatoes, rice, oats and whole grains) alongside veggies and fruits.  With the occasional nuts and seeds. This is the diet of people in Asia and Africa who are 99% free of all the disease we know here and also in countries where people live the longest and active life.  This is what I want for my life.

I am working part time doing work I love - no matter how disappointing this was to some, I enjoy it and I have no intention of ever working in an office ever again...  I would miss the people's connection too much.

Now, I have also learned a lot about myself and the human nature in general while living this experience...

I am VERY  independent and stubborn.  And I love it!
When I care for someone I can go a long way... but if I don't or no longer do, there is nothing you can do/say to change my mind.
I do not miss "Montreal" AT ALL (and will never go back) and that shows my that I am more of a wanderer then I always wanted to admit to myself... I will definitely not stay put for the rest of my life!
I do not miss people in general...  Loin des yeux loin du coeur.... Except for 2 friends and they know who they are!

Now about human nature...

people are full of good intentions... but rarely follow through.  They rather found excuses. Easier.

people who get to know you for who you really are, are the ones who care the most about you. They know you are authentic and it builds a strong bond!

but unfortunately, most people are NOT authentic...

And last but not least, I have met a great deal of amazing people here in Moncton...  many who came here from other places kind of for similar reasons to mine:  run away from a life they no longer liked.  Some who spend their whole life here but are bringing about change in this community.  And some young people who honestly bring back my hope in human kind.  Not many.... but we do not need many to change this planet... a few seeds can grow an amazing forest!

on that note.... hope you will have a chance to experience such a lovely life changing opportunity...
Really...  you should do it!


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  1. Hi Natalie! I don´t speak english very well so forgive me for the mistakes. I don´t knew your blog. I saw it at The Busy Woman And The Stripy Cat (Rita Domingues) this week when I read the older posts. I love The Busy Woman And The Stripy Cat.
    I pretend to read all your olders posts because I like your blog and I am very interested about minimalism and simply life.
    Thank you and good luck!