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Friday, March 28, 2014

Yoga challenge for me - 21 days

Ever since I started and then stopped running earlier this year, my body has been different.  I know now that I cannot run...  it won't let me... because of MS.
I also know that before that idea of running a marathon came to my mind, I had my mind, morale and weight under control... not ever since...
I am struggling a lot and it seems as if, in a few weeks of running, I have lost the balance3equilibrium I had created over the years despite MS.

I do not sleep as well, I am more hungry, my head is "more busy" and "less organized"...  I am more stiff...  I know where this is going and I will not let it.

I have already address  my eating over the last week or so...  even thus I did not regain complete control, I know I am going back to a good place.

I increased my meditation practice to calm my mind and regain focus of my thoughts.  It is improving.

I will also start this 20 minutes yoga practice for flexibility to aid in the stiffness.  I never really stopped my yoga practice but it seems as though I was not practicing the "right" way for my current state.  I need to take a step back... and this is what I am going.

I am now on day 3 of doing this practice and it feels good.  I can feel my body working, releasing the tension and opening up.  I can't wait to see what will happen during the next few weeks.  I will do the same practice day after day for 18 more days after today and see where it brings me.

Along with my diet and meditation practice, it should bring me to a state of openness and balance/equilibrium that I had before January...

So here's the link to the YouTube video I am using.

who will try it to?? let me know...

thanks for reading and sharing...


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