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Friday, March 7, 2014

Minimalist dressing - One week done

This is today's outfit... Day 7!

And these are the outfits for Day 1 to Day 6... in that order...  you may have seen them, or not on Instagram...

 In short, from my list of 15 items, I have been using the following:

1)  skinny jeans
2)  wide leg jeans
3)  wide leg grey corduroy pants
4)  navy and beige skirt
5) flannel shirt
8) off-white long sleeve t-shirt
9) beige long sleeves t-shirt
10) green short sleeve t-shirt
12) white short sleeve t-shirt
14) grey vest
15) beige vest

That is 11 items of my 15 items list from last Friday that you can read here.

I can still create a few more outfits with those items and I still have 4 items I did not wear...
I did not wear the exact same thing twice!

I sometimes feel like I have an uniform... even thus I chose it... it feels weird... I am a grown up now!
But I must say that dressing up in the morning is SO EASY that I appreciate it...

I do not feel like I am wearing the same things over and over again any more then I use to the other weeks prior to that... because we tend to wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time anyway...  Now by the end of the week, I have been wearing 73% of my clothes... And that feels amazing!!!

I can't wait for the days to come where I get to wear the other 27%... I have a few more outfits idea...

I also find that I do not concentrate so much on how I look... but rather on how I feel!  I feel great I the clothes I selected for these 31 days.  I chose what I would look like for 31 days when I selected the items so I do not have to worry about it now....

It actually enhances my creativity....  not having to "create" outfits in the morning and not feeling like I have to express my creativity there I can do it elsewhere...  I started drawing again... and knitting (my own creation - not using a pattern)....  and I have many ideas for the book I am about to finish and release... 

It's amazing how much time and energy you can save by not worrying on your looks every morning!
By creating this "uniform", I have kind of "automatize" this action we do everyday...  like brushing our teeth and taking a shower...

I still like clothes... but I like the idea of thinking about it once a month instead of every single day!


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