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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Minimalist dressing - April

Today's the Day where I announce what I will be wearing as of next Saturday...  March 29th...  Until the end of April.

But before I do so, I whish to mention that I have learned a lot with my extreme minimalist dressing during the month of March! Never before was I able to do Project 333 has it was intended by Courtney... First I thought it was crazy to dress with 33 items for 3 months and said to myself that "I would never be that much of a minimalist"...  then I started with way too many items almost 2 years ago (around 50 items excluding outerwear and footwear).  I slowly brought my number of items down but I never did include outerwear and footwear.

Last month, I decided to select 15 items for 31 days... OK I am cutting it short to 28 days because I am going crazy...  BUT...  I selected my wardrobe for April at beginning of this week...  and my husband mentioned "well you come up with your own rules anyway... what does it change?"  Well first of all, it has allow me to decrease significantly the number of items I own. Second of all, it has help me find my style. And last but not least, it boosted my creativity.  SMALL STEPS...

However, his comment still made his way... and I know it was exactly what he intended.  It rocked my boat and I said to myself:  "In April, you follow the rules.  33 items...  all inclusive... hats, scarves, outerwear, footwear...  No ifs and buts."  And guess what???  I did it!  I came up with exactly 33 items!!! And it is covering all the range of temperature we can have here in Montreal in April.

Here are the pictures:

In that picture you can see 22 items. (from left to right)
1) Rain coat
2) Fake leather jacket
3) hand knitted sweater
4) Hoodie
5) Jeans jacket
6) Mustard vest
7) Grey vest
8) White t-shirt with zebras
9) White t-shirt (from March)
10) Grey t-shirt (from March)
11) Burgundy Boudha t-shirt
12) Old pink OM t-shirt
13) Recycle green t-shirt (from March)
14) Bright yellow pattern t-shirt - gift from my son!
15) Striped 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
16) Jeans shirt
17) Grey long skirt
18) Black long skirt
19) Black harem pants
20) Grey corduroy pants (from March)
21) Wide leg jeans (from March)
22) Skinny ripped jeans

In the above picture are footwear...  5 pairs.  For cold... rain...  and better... ;-)

3 scarves...  for warmer weather....  that will fit mostly anything

And just in case... because yes we get cold and sometimes snow in April!

Total:  33 items!

And guess what???  I will try and keep it at that... month by month.  Therefore in May I will remove warmer items by not as warm ones and still try and keep the 33.  It's just more fun to be part of a community while doing that! Also, I want to try and push myself a little more. See where it takes me. The only thing, I like to change every month...  instead of every 3 months...  but I will keep track of what stays for more then on month and see what quickly goes.  Maybe these are the items that are next in line to exit my wardrobe for good!

What about you?  Are you following project 333 or any other way for minimalist dressing? What does your wardrobe look like?  What would you like it to look like?  Can I help going from that to there? Let me know...



  1. This is my first time doing Project 333. I've got mine down to 39 items. I plan to do one more round of purging tomorrow. The one rule I changed is to shift my quarters. We have 4 very distinct seasons here in the mid-atlantic region of the U.S., so shifting everything back a month just made sense. My spring is March - May. Since I'm just starting this first capsule only has to last me two months. But then I don't need to worry about putting in the really summery stuff I'll need in June.

    1. Good idea to shift months in accordance with our seasons... and congrats on only 39 items on the first round!

  2. I like the idea of changing out clothes monthly. There are such huge weather changes where I live from April till June. I like Terri's ideas also.

    1. actually, there are no set rules so you can make up your own... the idea really is to only minimalize your wardrobe! :-) This is the beauty of this project... to each their own!