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Monday, March 17, 2014

How to be savvy and get what you want anyway!

This is a post about everything and nothing... being savvy doesn't mean your cheap... it means you pay what you chose to pay for what you want.... well kind of.. let me explain....
It also means that you save where you can to put that money where you want...  then again, let me explain...

In order to do all of the above, you need to play it smart...  you need to go to the same place again and again... fidelity does pay off in the long run!

You also need to know your priorities and get them straight!

Priorities to me are:

Having a decent roof over my head
Eating healthy vegan food and not waste any
Getting dress in a way that I feel reflects my personality and feels comfortable without ruining my budget.

These are where I spend most of my money... and in that order too... very little goes to clothes...  only 60$ per month...

Now one trick I use to not waste money on food, or not waste food, is when I cook pasta, I cook the whole bag.  I do that because if not I end up with many partial bags in my pantry and it's just clutter and drives me nuts because there never seem to be enough of any for a meal for 3!

Once we're done eating the pasta, the left over goes in the fridge and I use it to make Asian pasta later on in the week, or use with left over sauce or use short pasta for salads in lunches.
Last week we cooked some short pasta but they were  little to big to use in a salad...  so I used the left over with sauce twice in a meal by myself.... now there was a tiny amount of pasta left, no more sauce and it was really not enough to do anything else then add in a salad! But they were too big for a salad... so I ended up cutting them up... added some chick peas, sprouted brown lentils, cucumber, bell pepper, olives and Voila!  A nice lunch for my hubby for work!

What I also do for saving $ on food from restaurant is to pack my lunch when I know I'll be out during lunch time...  On the week end we like to go out and not care about the time... and I do not always feel like eating out...  and sometimes, timing our outings with meal time can be restrictive... therefore if I know I'll be out around lunch time, I pack something easy to eat... that you can eat while walking or sitting in a quiet area...  This is what I packed this Saturday. We woke up later than usual and our usual Saturday schedule was all messed up... I know I would not have time to be back for lunch and didn't want to wait after lunch to leave... I took some whole wheat tortillas, added hummus, alfalfa, cucumber and chopped pecans, rolled them up and wrapped them up! When we were hungry we only had to take them out and enjoy!

I also never go out without a reserve of nuts and dried fruits!  They are loaded with protein, fibers, good sugars, vitamins and minerals... they can extend time between meal easily without having to buy a too expensive/not nutritious enough snack from a random place!  Another good way to save dollars to put elsewhere!
Now what do I do with those saved $?  I use for clothes... smartly of course!  And savings! 

Another way for me to save $ is to check my favorite clothes stores when there is end of season sales and new season sales...  My favorite store was having a "30% discount on the total of your bill" week... this was up until today....  because I hate shopping and using cabins on the week end (and I no longer buy without trying - because let's face it, we never do return what doesn't fit perfectly once it's home!), I waited to today.... I took an advance on my 60$ for April... chose 2 pieces of items that I love, fit me well and that are very convenient (meaning I will wear often) and versatile (meaning they go well with almost everything I already own)... items I know I will wear over and over... for most likely 3 seasons! I went to my favorite location and the manager actually offered my 40% off... as a privilege exchange for my email (I know I'll end up getting tons of emails but I can always send them in the trash without opening to avoid temptation)! Therefore both items came out to 62$ with tax... I actually save the equivalent of one of them money wise... kind of like a buy-one-get-one-free deal! This is clothes shopping I love!!! But in order to get those kind of deal or for the employees to tell you "wait until next Tuesday it will be on sale".... or "I'll give you the discount anyway" (even if the promo ended yesterday)...  you need to shop in the same place over an over again! And get known... and be friendly!

These are the 2 items I chose.... by the way those are one in one out in the sense that l gave one pair of short and one summer skirt in my last clean up because they no longer fit me... Therefore they do not add to my quantity of clothes... but do add in versatility because the skirt I gave was fuchsia (too big and never knew what to wear it with) and the shorts were pale yellow (too big also - nice color but always dirty!)

These were a few of my secrets to extend my budget... How I can manage to be healthy, happy, feel good in my clothes and not jeopardize my small budget...

There really is no reason to waste food - wasted food is money down the drain!
There really is no reason to pay your clothes full price - it's only a rip off!!!

Before I let you go, here's one last picture.... of books I recently received from Amazon... they are for my next upcoming project... once the one I am working on will be over... within a few weeks... Any clue what that project will be?!?

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  1. I am surprised that you would consider the price of either of those items of clothing a good buy. Being the petite size that you appear to be, I would think you could find several pieces of clothing at a thrift store for much less than what you spent on those two pieces.

    1. Hi Anonymous... If you get this message and would be kind enough to get back to me... I would love to donthe thrift store thing... But never did and no clue where to start... Are you from Montreal? Any tips/tricks to initiate me to trift store shopping? I am petite... Skirt is an xsmall and shorts are size 2... Thanks in advance for your help! xox

    2. That's amazing that you haven't done the thrift shop thing. Maybe you don't have them there. I live in Virginia and the small city I live in has several. You can buy household items, books, furniture, clothes and shoes, whatever people donate out of there excess. Sometimes things that still have store price tags on them. Some stores are more particular about what they sell and so will have nicer items. You learn that as you shop the various ones. I recently found a blog that might help introduce you to the great values you can find in thrift shop clothing. It is called Thrift & Shout.

    3. great thanks! Yes we do have those shops in Montreal... and MANY of them... I just grew up being told that these were ... let 's put it nicely... not for "us"... I know... not really nice... but it stick to my head and since I know no one who does it... it's hard because I do not know which to choose!
      I will definitely look at this blog and set an objective for me to find a store and at least get one item from it.. and wear it... take a picture and do a blog post.... thank you so much for all your help!!!