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Friday, March 21, 2014

Extreme minimalist dressing - Week 3 summary

Week 3! Finally!  This is coming to an end...  Honestly right now, if I would not tie myself to this chair to type this post, I would go into my wardrobe and revamp it!  Can't wait for next Friday!  I already have planned in my schedule 1h to move my clothes around and do my next selection! I know I said I would have 15 items for 31 days.... hence all of March... but it will fit much better in my schedule to do that on Friday then on Monday... 

So far, I have learned about myself and my clothing that:

1) I LOVE clothes...  15 is not enough for one month!!!  I was really too extreme for myself...

2) I enjoy not having to think to much about what I will wear, HOWEVER, I do like thinking about it on days where I have time!

3) I love the idea of mix and match when I chose my items... it does allow for more flexibility and less repetition on a day to day basis.

4) I am not a dress/skirt person on cold weather!  These are the 2 items I did not wear much!

5) With 15 pieces of items, I came up with 17 different outfits so far... and I have at least 2 other ones in mind that I did not wear yet!  Will do on my next week

6) I do not mind wearing the same outfit 2 days in a row

7) I can wear outfits that do not match per say and not really care - I always thought it looked good on others... but fear doing it... well today I did and I felt amazing...  funny...  playful...  like a child again!

8) Came to realise that people really do not care about what you're wearing... al least people that are meaningful to me.

Here are the pictures of Day 15, Day 16 and Day 21.

Day 21, refer to 7)... this is the "match" I would have never done before....  but I felt good in it!
Quite frankly I always wore this skirt with a beige top... but I ruined mine last week (and I could not save it in the end)...  and I really wanted to wear the skirt....  so I chose I completely non matching top to try.... And I ended up loving it!  I will definitely do that more!

The other days were repeats....  and I did not feel like posting the same pictures again.... and actually Day 18 and Day 19 were the exact same outfit... and I did not even clean it in between... I had only wore it 3 hours on Day 18.... and again only about 4h on Day 19!  That sums up for a whole day of wearing... why fuss about it!

If you want to read more about the experiment you can do so here.
And summary of week 1 and week 2 are, of course, still available to you!

On a post this week I announce a challenge for myself...  Going to a thrift store... Well I did find a few ones...  recommended by friends of mine.  I will probably do that next week in order to have my item included in my April wardrobe since I need to wear it in 3 different ways AND show you guys pictures!

Thanks for reading and sharing!


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