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Monday, February 24, 2014

Veganism, Minimalism and Costco

Hum..... what those the first two words have to do with the last one???
Well, I was a member at Costco for years...  In 2007, when I went bankrupt, revised my consumer habit and started to address my finances I decided to let go of that membership... 
It might be counterintuitive at first.... since stuff really is cheaper there then elsewhere....  but...  it only is cheaper if you stick to what you need...  if you buy everything that is at a "better" price... and end up not using it or getting rid of it a few months down the line... or if you buy more food than you can eat and end up throwing it out... then it is not cheaper... it is just wasted money!!! 
I was one of those people who go in with a list of 6 items and come out with a basket full of stuff 2 hours  and hundreds of dollars later...  I must have been one of Costco's favorite client!!!! 
But I was also my worse enemy.... Therefore I ended that... and Wall Mart.... and all those places where stuff is at the best price... because to people with a shopping addiction, they are the worse nightmare!!!
Now years down the line, I have addressed my shopping addiction... and I am at a point now where I know that I will go in with a list and will only buy what is on the list... and maybe one or two extra items if I am running out soon and it is a an even more discounted price then usual... I know I will respect my budget...  and not use credit!
I also know that I have become vegan and wasn't sure if Costco would actually have food that I eat... 
Even thus a few vegan friends told me they do....
Therefore yesterday I snooped into Costco... without a membership card... and looked around... only to be amazed at how much cheaper stuff I but regularly was...  (and we must have been the only one not holding a way too full cart! lol)
For example, frozen fruits and berries of all kind were half of what I pay at my usual grocery store... and they have a much bigger selection!!! And I use quite a lot in smoothies.
Chickpeas come in a HUGE bag and I wouldn't have to buy them every week or so... and they are also about 30% cheaper...
Walnuts and Pecans are 60% cheaper...
And I could go on and on....  I was amazed at how many product they have that are organic but still cheaper then non-organic elsewhere....
I was also amazed to see that almost every single item listed in my pantry are accounted for at Costco... They have chia and hemp seeds!!! :-)
I changed the way I eat so much...  I didn't remember...
Therefore, at the end of my visit I ended up taking a membership...  YES you read well... I am a member of Costco now... 
And yes they have stuff for vegans... because we do eat nuts and seeds, lentils, beans, grains, cereals, flour...  etc...  And they even have organic stuff!!!
And yes it can be a minimalist thing too... if you go in and only buy what you need and can afford, you are not causing anymore cluttering... and you are eating for cheaper but still good quality...  It leaves more money to address my small amount of debt left, increasing my saving or live the life I want...
Therefore I have to admit that Veganism, Minimalism and Costco CAN go all together... They do not have to be mutually exclusive... and if you are in control of your shopping you can actually shop everywhere and be rational about it and not overspend!!
So there... I have gotten one more tool to decrease my life expenses... I can now decrease my food budget even more... YE!



  1. The only organic produce at my Costco is carrots, thus I am contemplating the opposite of you: I am considering ending my membership. Most of what I see is processed foods - not what I buy. What I do buy is mostly non edibles like paper products and gasoline. I don't know about you but I get stressed out being there, trying to find parking, the huge lines, and shopping with people that are more aggressive than elsewhere! They'll mow you down with their carts! I just don't know if it's worth it.

    1. I completely understand what you're saying... I do not buy any processed food either... this is why I made a list of "things to be bought at Costco" and I'll stick to it... Parking is no issue as I have no car... and as for stress I'll see... for now I am lucky enough that I can go in less busy hours... but for sure if it stresses me more than I get benefit from it, the membership will be out the window for sure! You have to do what is right for you! :-)

  2. I think if you shop Costco, which I do, you need to always determine what it is you need. I buy TP, organic Lundberg rice, organic beef, almonds and other nuts, and many organic products. I do not buy processed food , which is very easy to see at Costco. But stll, in the long run you will, and I do save money.

    1. Christina I agree with you... I'll have to see... if I can stick to my list like I think I can.. and if they keep selling the produce I need... I'll see and I will definitely keep you guys posted!