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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Minimalism and veganism- when is it enough???

I am in the process of turning my life around... as always some will say... but isn't that life? Turning things around?

I am 41 years old...  (oups.. just told you my biggest secret)
I have MS...
I have been into minimalism since 2011... officially....
I started practicing yoga regularly in 2006 and it changed my life...
I became vegetarian in 2007 and vegan a year ago...

This is where I'm at...

All along those changes, and still today,  I have been looking for support and inspiration...  rules of what to do and what not to do..... guidelines for the perfect vegan and the perfect minimalist... I found these in many blogs I follow....  (perhaps one day I should do a post about all my inspirations and blogs I follow)... It would, at time, be confusing because one would say one thing and another something else... althus, it all pointed either toward veganism or minimalism...  It took me a while before I understood that it was normal if the rules were different... because they came from different people and really, there is no strict guidelines on how to be a minimalist.... and there is only one with following a vegan diet: refrain from eating animal products.

Recently I came across this lovely women who writes a blog too.... She's lovely... and inspiring....  and one of her latest post she awaken something in me... a feeling that was lying dormant but still there... a feeling of not being enough... not doing enough....  guilt....  anger....  I meditated on it... and I came to the conclusion that I am happy where I'm at...  Seriously... I've come a long way....  I was eating crap...  fast food 2-3 times a week...  restaurants for lunch most days... I would eat bad food and waste money on bad food...  I was a shopaholic.... and would be thousands of dollar in debt even after my bankruptcy...  even today I am not debt free yet... will all the job loss my husband and I are having lately we always end up creating some debt somehow...   but none this time around and we're even managing to save $ for our big project this summer!

All that say, I was living my worse nightmare... and I slowly, step by step, turned it into a better life... is it perfect?  not yet....  it will probably never be because nothing ever is... but I am getting closer and closer to my dream life...  I am happy with the way I live my life now.... and slowly working on a few more points...

I should not judge myself.... or let anyone judge me...  I am vegan.... vegan enough!  I am minimalist.... minimalist enough!  Enough for me!  That is all that really matters.  I am not in competition with anyone else.  Maybe to some minimalist I am not doing enough... maybe to some vegan I am not doing enough...  but who cares?  This is where I am at... and I am not judging others in their own path, why should I let people judge me?  I am happy with what I do! I am happy with the path travel so far.

I am happy writing for you... and inspiring you... and helping you out. 

I am honest.  I am true.  I am authentic.  This is all that really matters. 

And you should do the same.  I am not expecting anyone to do exactly as I do.  I am trying to give hint, suggestions, options... not directions!  I do not have the directions to each and everyone's life.. only my own...  I came up with them... over time...  and I will continue as this is a life long process...  and what works out now may not apply months or years down the line!  And you know what?  That's OK! We are human being.. we evolve and change all along our lives...  Enjoy the ride... stop targeting the destination!

Be happy for what is now and here. And this will take you elsewhere without having to think about it.


and so am I...

let's just appreciate what we've gone thru.... how far we've come and with good intentions and pure hearts we'll move forward still!


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