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Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer week end

It's Friday!
The week end!!!!

and the weather is suppose to be hot and summery here in Montreal!!!!

What did you plan?  Do you plan your week ends?  Or do you just wait and see what will happen??? 

I like a little of both.....  sometimes I'll plan and others I won't... and sometimes a do a little of both...

Like this week end....

I know I want to go downtown tonight.... do what? not sure... maybe go to the jazz festival... or just walk around and see... we'll probably get in later than usual... with the very nice weather and all... 
On Saturday and Sunday we usually end up on the Plateau...  maybe in a parc (Mont-Royal would be nice!)... or in the Old Port ... but we are not sure yet of what and when..  I would love to go to Marche Jean-Talon to get fresh fruits and veggies!
There is a movie I would love to see....  Before Midnight.... so if it gets to hot, we may do that in the afternoon to cool down... when the temperature is at it's highest...

My point it that during summer, there's an overall slower pace to everything I find...  I do not clean as much... I do not grocery shop as much...  I try and do those things during the week... same for laundry! So that my week ends are free...  I like to enjoy the city I live in!  I really am a city girl!!!  I can walk or bike around all day.... and stop here and there for a break, a drink, a chai....  and some fresh fruits... there are also so many things going on in Montreal in the summer!

I find that everything becomes naturally simpler....

Going out is easier...  it doesn't take an hour to get dress!!!  :-)
Eating is easier.... not as much cooking and preparation... mostly fruits and veggies.... sandwiches...
There are so many "free" things to do....
No planning required...  or not as much...
Days are longer!!!

I love summer!!! 

What do you do special during summer?  How does it affect your weekly routine?

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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love and peace,

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