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Monday, July 15, 2013

Another simple great week end!

View from the Mont-Royal belvedere

View from a path on the Mont-Royal
I live in a small 800 sq ft apartment... (althus I still think it is too big... I know that realistically it is quite small compare to most) When it's hot like this week end... it gets really hot!!!!  I do not have air conditioning... but to be honest, this week end I did think about getting a portable one.... I know I won't...  I do not need it for health reasons... so I do not see the point... but this is just my opinion!  I like to follow the seasons... and live accordingly... and not having air conditioning does impact the way you clean, cook and what you do inside... and that is fine!!!!  I know during winter I have heating... but that is not optional and not just a comfort issue where I live...  I wish I could do without that too...

The good thing to live in my place is that when it's nice and hot outside, you wanna go outside... because inside is even worse!  :-) And we end up spending much of the week end outside!!!

On Saturday morning, my son, husband and I went to Mont-Royal to enjoy nature!!!  Above you can see a few pictures....   I love this place.. it really is nature right in the middle of the city!!!  And as you go around the small path inside the wood area, you can see all the city...  it is amazing!!! You can get a good view of Montreal... all of it... I love that!!!

I had not gone there in a long time.... I don't know why... but I promise myself I would go more often... the bus ride to get there from my place is quite simple... AND it goes right thru our favorite part of the city!  So on our way back, we got out of the bus earlier and walked around for a few more hours... 

We stopped for a refreshment at Starbucks and then got back home... by the time we got home, it was supper time!!!  and without realizing it we spend all day outside!!!  It was amazing!!!

You may notice my post getting shorter...  simpler....  This is how I feel currently...  I don't do much.... don't read much... I eat simple things...  do very simple yoga and meditation... I need a break... but I cannot not write.... and share... because I love it so much!!!  So I still do it... and you still get to follow the way I live...  hope you still enjoy!!! I am being honest here... and I do not think there anything wrong with that...  even quite the opposite!

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love and peace,

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