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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The China study, MS and YOUR health


this blog is about well being....  My goal is to have you, my intelligent readers, improve your life quality...  and different people will take different approaches... I honestly think that every little bit you do can and does help!

If you've read "Life Happens" you already know that I have MS (multiple sclerosis) a chronic neurodegenerative disorder for which there are no scientific cure!  You also know that after having had enough of all that bullshit, I decided to search for help out of the medical world... I didn't want to be in a wheel chair (my legs were affected by the disease) or blind (so were my eyes)!  I didn't want my son to have a sick and disabled mother...  Since no one with a degree could help me, I've turned to other solution...  what did I have to loose anyway???  My health?  certainly not....  

What prompted me to do that?  I honestly have no clue...  but I did...  I started looking everywhere...  I HAD to find something (and I did)...  and the "looking" was not easy...  because no one I knew personally could direct me...  but I initially found Yoga and meditation...  then from there found ways to change my diet...  and also ways to live a simpler more meaningful life!

To me this is all related to Yoga...  I am living, as much as I can, as a true yogi!  And as a collateral damage, I found my health back.  :-)

I decided to write "Life Happens" because I felt an urge to share the knowledge I had came across...  I also write on this blog to help people find themselves, improve their health and well being.

I get several emails (I really appreciate ALL of them), comments, etc...  from people reading me or having read "Life Happens" and I think I am changing things around... a little... I am helping them...  in my own little way!  DO I wish I could do more?  Of course... and I am working on that...

There is one thing thus, I recently (actually this morning) started reading "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell PhD and it is really affecting me...  I have read many book on nutrition advocating a plant based diet (which are also referred to as vegetarianism and veganism)...  and having a biochemist background, I can easily decipher what is actually scientific proof versus nonsense stuff...  I had came across many books that actually convinced me to become vegetarian years ago and recently vegan... and I like to talk about diet with people who are actually interested in it... 

What is happening now, is that this book (The China Study), is coming into my life at a point where I am able to add all the information I gather and my own reflection and realise that I may be too soft with my approach...  I am one to say "live and let live" and I wish not to change that, don't get me wrong...  I truly believe that each one of us are entitled to make their own decision!!!  And I honestly respect that!  But I will take a more firm stand on the benefit of veganism...  Of course there are some ethical and environmental reason for such a lifestyle that that are just as important to me as my health...  but even if you do not care about this planet, it's people and animals... you must care about YOURSELF!!!  Your own HEALTH!!!

I will keep on reading The China Study and I will try and put some information I get from this book in a post every now and then... 

My blog will stay in the same spirit... talking about well being in general...  but I may tend ever so lightly into adding more nutrition fact as this is really what your health is all about!  I have manage to solve my health problem with diet change... and I KNOW for a fact, that many others can too!!!

I am not saying it will be easy...  but it is possible....

Did you know that most cases (and by most cases, I mean almost all of them...  really 1-2% of cancer are not preventable by diet changes for eg) of hearth diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity, chronic illness, Alzheimer and the like are preventable or "curable" with diet changes?  I am not asking you to blindly believe what I wrote...  but I want to provoke you my readers to read, research, think and come up with your own conclusions...  like I did... 

You CAN control your own health... and I honestly wish you take it into your own hands...  stop depending on others..  only you know what is best for you!!!

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love and peace,

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