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Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer schedule...

I do not know if I am the only one, but with longer and warmer days, my schedule changes naturally...  I go to bed later... wake up earlier...  change the way I eat...  do not spend as much time on my computer, phone, television and the like...

It is true that summer here in Montreal, where I live, can be quite short...  at best 4 months.... normally more like 3 months...  and sometimes almost absent... so it's like if I do not want to miss any single moment of it!!!

Overdose on: sunshine (but no burning - this is really bad for you!)...  bike rides...  eating fresh local fruits and veggies... doing nothing...  going to the pool... looking at the sky... waiting... listening to the sound of kids playing outside...  opening my windows so inside feels like outside too (I never ever had air conditioning!!!)... not overdressing but rather showing some skin and breathing... wearing flip flops!

All these...  in any which order I choose...  this is SUMMER!!!  and we're getting there.. we had a really slow start this year so unless there's a miracle, we're looking more into a 2-3 months than 4 months one!!!

This summer will be a really nice one....  I have no plans for "going away" or anything... and I want to spend a summer even more minimal than previously.. not spending so much....  but enjoying myself more!!!  So I am making plans accordingly... 

I will also be taking a 5 weeks "vacation" - unpaid - away from my day job between July 29th and August 31st!!!  This is something I always wanted to do... and last summer was really close but I was actually out of a job so it was not exactly the same ;-)  even thus I had the time off, the spirit was different (I was still happy I lost my job beginning of June...  I am just saying that not having anything to go back to doesn't make it look or feel like a vacation)!

During the course of the 5 weeks, there will be time alone with my son, alone with my husband, all 3 of us and alone by myself...  so I'll get to take care of everyone even ME!!!

This also means that I will not be posting as much on this blog...  I am currently writing 3-4 times a week...  I will go down... not sure by how much... and it may be inconsistent...  but there will be something at a minimum once a week don't worry!!!  For the month of August, I will have guests bloggers...  and this is gonna be cool for me and for you guys to listen stories of other people that also read this blog!!!

If you want to be one of the guests bloggers do not hesitate to let me know... I have a few but looking for a few more...

So this is it for this time....  I am really looking forward to a minimalist summer...  and sharing it all with you...  during and after...

And you?  How will you be enjoying your summer? Any special project?  Going somewhere? Staying in? How does summer affect your routine?

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

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love and peace,

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