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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My project 333

I've decided to join the Project 333 group created by Courtney Carver. 
I long hesitated before joining it... and I 've been contemplating the idea for a year now...  Seriously....

First let me tell you what Project 333 is about... then I'll explain (for those who do not know me) why I hesitated for so long... for people who know me, it will be self explanatory!  :)

Project 333 is an experiment with living with less...  The purpose is to clean up your wardrobe and see how you can do more with less...  using only the clothes that reflect your lifestyle, who you are... clothes that are in good condition and fit you well...
Technically, you select 33 items (including accessories and jewelry and outdoor wear) but excluding sporting goods, lounge wear and underwear...  and you wear those over and over for 3 months.  The rest is packed away - not accessible...  you can keep it, but you can also choose to give it away right away...

I long hesitated because I had a wardrobe full of clothes for years....  some fit me well.. other not...  some were in good condition and other not...  some were worn only once or twice and I even had some with price tags on them...   Years ago I started cleaning up my wardrobe but only to use it as an excuse to buy more clothes that were more trendy or fashionable...  Over the years I gave tons of clothes...  and bought more... always a little less then I gave but still...  I have to confess:  I was a shopaholic!!!

Since my last move, I have a tiny bedroom with a small closet and one one 5 drawers chest... so I really had to declutter my wardrobe...  but I was still too far from 33 to join the project in August.  Over the last few weeks of so, I took a close look at my wardrobe... tried most items and really separated what I could wear over the next 3 months....  I came up with 40 items...  but I excluded jewelry, accessories and outerwear because where I live we have bizarre winters that require many items... and in the last week, I have either gave, got rid (a dress was not in good condition anymore) or put away (for milder temperature) more items so now I actually have only 33 items to wear between November 1st and January 31st. 

Here's my list:

2 black pants - one straight, one flare
2 velvet pants - one skinny, one wide legs
1 grey corduroy - jean cut
1 red Cotton skinny pants
2 jeans - one skinny, one straight leg
1 black skirt
1 black/electric blue/white skirt
*1 burgundy pencil skirt
1 tunic
1 black dress with mustard flowy sleeves
2 sleeveless top (grey, mustard)
3 fancy t-shirts (beige, red, grey/navy/mustard)
1 electric blue short sleeve blouse
4 long sleeve t-shirt (2 beige, 1 black, 1 gray)
1 black  long sleeve fancy top
1 green long sleeve fancy top
1 white blouse
1 pink and purple blouse
3 jackets (corduroy- beige, brown, black)
2 cardigans (grey, mustard)
1 electric blue turtleneck

* means that this skirt doesn't really fit my lifestyle anymore since pencil skirt are not very practical on public transit and for waking a lot but I still decided to keep it for now...  I may eventually replace it...

So here they are my 33 items... I will see what happens... but honestly, this is more then enough to get me until the end of January!!!  And the color coordination will be quite simple to do as most items are in black, grey, mustard and electric blue...  and tghere is the odd red or green that fits with any of my bottom....

One rule I got on a TV show I watch (in French) is that for every bottom, you should have 3 tops and that aside from neutrals, you should have only 3 different colors - that will allow for mix and match more easily!!!  I am using tis as well as What not to wear rules in order to find clothes that fit me well and are versatile!   This is saving me a lot of money and trouble to get dress in the morning!!!

What do you think of project 333?  would you try it?  maybe your version of it???

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