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Friday, October 19, 2012

Challenge of living with less

The reverse 100 thing challenge is a challenge that was just initiated by a virtual friend of mine...  she came up with this idea in reaction to the 100 thing challenge by Dave Bruno.  You can read about their adventure using the previous link...  but I like to say that I wish to embark upon that Reverse 100 thing challenge. 

For having read David's book... I know I could not do that... not now and maybe not ever...  but that doesn't matter...  you have to live minimalism to your own comfort zone... if not it becomes a punishment and I do not believe we are here to be deprived or punished!  Nor do I believe that we are here to be over consuming stuff!!!  There's gotta be an in-between! Living with ONLY 100 things is way to minimalism for me... but I am happy for him...

I have been decluttering for roughly 5 years now... and I am getting close to my comfortable minimum...  All in all, I have (including any items that "sits" on the floor - chairs, bed,...) 25 pieces of furniture...  that includes 7 regular chairs, 1 rocking chair and 1 Ikea comfy chair, a couch, a one  place chair that can turn into a bed, 2 beds, 2 working desk, 2 drawers sets, 2 night table, 1 coffee table, a wall unit, a TV unit, a table, a electric fire place and a food cabinet... My kitchen cabinet, really not many of them, are well aerated... our closet still have much room.... My book, CD, DVD collection is at a minimum.... but I still wish to try and do this reverse 100 thing challenge Courtney is putting me up to!

There are still some area of my kitchen I may be able to look into... maybe a few more CDs...who needs CD anymore?  I have an iPhone!  a few more clothing items...  getting to my Project 406 (which I will blog about next week) I had to get rid of yet more clothes... and definitely a few jewelry... I am getting to a point where I like to wear jewelry that is meaningful to me.. stepping away from commercial jewelry...  I prefer jewelry that comes form a loved one, or that has a spiritual value or is fair trade... so I should eliminate most of my cheap bulk made stuff...

So this week end, and for the few weeks to come, I will be looking for 100 items to donate... Once I have them all, I will be listing them on this blog...  I have until the end of the year to get this done!

Who else wants to come on board with this reverse 100 thing challenge?

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