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Monday, October 29, 2012

Almost a month with no car

Almost a month ago (on October 3rd) my car died.... and we decided to give it a try to go without a car! We gave it a fair try....  essentially we did not change doing stuff we like to do... but we stopped going places because we were bored and had a car to drive us there...

In that month we have been on a car in 5 occasions only... 2 were to go for my son's judo class which is too far to reach by bus that early Saturday morning... one was when a friend picked me up at work to go for lunch... one was for my son and husband to go play paintball with my brother and then all of us having dinner at his girlfriend's place...  and lastly, my mom drove us back from her place once.  I do not think we have been exagerating... 

We still go downtown like we like too over the week end... obviously still grocery shop...  not starving yet! We met friends... actually I realize that we only really do what we really care for! The rest of the time we spend at home... in the quietness of our small apartment!

I have save countless of $ because of that... I even managed to open a saving account and really start adressing this last tiny debt I have that is now driving me insane! I have been much less stress when I get back home from work - I can actually enjoy my evening with my son and husband! We are eating better because I cook more...  and use the food that is already in my home...  so I waste less food!  I shop a lot less at the mall because getting there from my place is a pain in the ass...  I have more time to express my creative self in coming up with new ways to combine my clothes, finish decorating my kitchen (I will eventually put a picture once I am completely done), knit... sew (I wanna make cushions out of left over material)....  all those things I like and did not have time to do because we were out and about!  I also enjoy tasking my early morning walk to the grocery store on the week end... good start to a day!!!!

A while ago (in January 2012) I read a book about called Living the savvy life and I try applying Melissa's principles... I did manage to apply most of them...  but some I could not figure out.. for example, using the food I have... shopping less...  saving money in an savings account... going car less has help me master the few ideas I could not get around... Now I will take this book again and reread it... see if there is more I could apply! 

All in all, it was a GREAT decision....  and we are quite happy about it! 

How about you?  Have you even been "imposed" a change that actually turned out to be a wonderful thing?

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