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Monday, April 23, 2012

Project 333

Hello all!

it has been a while... I know...  but I was on to something...  I have a new found interest for savvy living and I did read a few book about that over the last couple of month...  ''Living the savvy life'' and ''Savvy chic: the art of more for less''.  In those 2 books I found countless information on how to live a siple life... not be in debt, be happy...  it's not about being cheap but rather live according to what you make and budget accordingly.
I have done my homework, not that I was far from that since I went banckrupt a few years ago, but it made me stop and look at everything and budget... and STICK to it!!!  after a few months, I can honestly say that this worked out pretty well..  not saying it is always easy.... but I can see where this will ultimately lead me...

I strongly suggest that you look into those book and see what they are about... see if they suit you...  There also is a website and a blog for ''Living the savvy life'' which is awesome!

All this brought me to Project 333 (google it, it is a popular movement on the web).  Project 333 is about having 33 pieces of clothing that you'll wear over the next 3 month!  And those clothes need to fit you well, be the ones you absolutely LOVE and go with each other to create multiple outfit!  This exclude lounge wear, pyjamas, sport wear...  for obvious reasons!

So I have been cleaning up my closet!!!  Believe it or not!!! I went from someone who never had enough room for clothes in a double closet, a chest drawer, 2 shelves in the closet, an extra medium size ''Armoire'' and borrowing a huge amount of space in the entry closet to someone who can actually see all her clothes, dresses easily in the morning, have clothes I LOVE and WANT to wear!!!!
I feel liberated!!!!  And I love that feeling!!!!!!

So back to more cleaning out of my closet... I am almost done by now!!!!
In the meantime I hope you take a look into that Project 333 and try and do some cleaning up!!!


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