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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I never tought I would be exited about buying socks!!! 
But it did happen to me at lunch today...
In the climate we live in, they are quite essential....
And I must say that we can find pretty ones... of any color or design...

However, I always considered it a waste of money... and always postponed buying them when I really had
no choice....  Then of course, I end up having to buy several pairs wich adds up to quite a few dollars
and make me think that I could have put that amount of money towards a visit to the SPA or an expensive yoga course!!! 

I ususally buy socks every 2 years... not more.... and now, I had been almost 2 and half year since I had bought any... needless to say, my actual socks were in pretty bad shape!!! 

With this non buying resolution, I have been so long without shopping for something that finding the perfect
socks and choosing the right color and pattern was actually fun...  even thus I ended up spending some 40$ on 8 pairs... at least now I am ok for a few years!  ;)  And taking the time to look for pretty socks instread of
just taking black ones made it more fun!

This goes to show that when you get back to basics....  the smallest thing, the minor detail can actually be
enjoyable...  even buying socks can be fun!!!

My husband and I sometimes think about what will happen post 2011...  will we go back to our old buying habit?  I do not think so...  Every dollar I spend now, I think about it...  I am more concious of the value of money, the urge created to have us buy things...  the impact every single buy I make has on me, people I love and all living creature on this planet!  I came to realize that when you stay away form the mall and stores, you really do not need anything... but when I look at magazines or walk around the shopping center, I suddenly find myself with many needs... I do not have a floral dress that lenght.. or with that size of flower or that specific color, or the v-neck... but I do have a floral dress so why would that not be good enough???

I know I could do even better when I look at people I admire.... but one step at a time...  slowly but surely I
will get there because now I know why I am doing this.... 

I use to be blind! Now my eyes have been open and I have no intention of closing them again!

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